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Terra Incognita 27 Tibet, Feminism, McClellan, Glaciers

Terra Incognita
Issue 27
“Written to enlighten, guaranteed to offend”

A Publication of Seth J. Frantzman
Jerusalem, Israel


March 22nd, 2008

1) Sorry Mr. Tibetan, you are too Asian and don't have enough Kassams and you’re a Buddhist: What were the Tibetans thinking? Did the honestly think the world would protest the treatment of them by China. Did they think the world would boycott that all important secular multi-culti coexistence love affair known as the Olympics just because a few Asians got shot down? Sorry, Mr. Tibetan, you are not a terrorist. You didn’t kill enough women and children or accuse the Pope of waging a crusade against you. So there will be no help or appeasement of crying over our spilled blood. I suggest a healthy dose of conversion to Islam, then you will be more successful in your demands.

2) Feminism's pride and joy: Ashley Dupre: The destruction of Governor Spitzer by an over-priced New Jersey born prostitute who once posed nude for Girls Gone Wild was the occasion, last week, for endless opeds on prostitution. Prostitution: Sex work. Prostitution: Sex slavery. Shoot them or legalize them. Everyone missed the central point: The romantization of prostitution in the West and in America is primarily the legacy of feminism and most prostitutes/strippers/porn stars/sex workers are middle class white women, many of whome have gone to college and profess themselves to be feminists.

3) George McClellan’s unlikely legacy: Who would have guessed that one of the worst generals of the Civil War would be a model for modern moral-relativism? What an unlikely legacy for the dawdling general who opposed the emancipation and ran against Lincoln in 1864 on a ‘peace’ ticket.

4) Lies my glacier told me: The Global warming hysteria fetish is a belief system predicated on the theory that man can destroy the world and that the end of days is coming soon. The next coming of Christ is a more likely event than the catastrophies predicted by the Global Warming mafia and their ‘scientists’. By the time Global Warming destroys the world the world will be mostly Muslim anyway and it will thus be a well deserved destruction.

Sorry Mr. Tibetan, you are too Asian and don't have enough Kassams and you’re a Buddhist
March 16th, 2008
Seth J. Frantzman

100 Tibetans killed. No condemnation. No talk of 'war crimes' or 'genocide'. Jacques Rogge, a European, and president of the International Olympic Committee said that any boycott of the Olympics in Beijing, in response to China's behavior, would only harm the athletes. Thomas Bach, the Vice-President of the International organization chimed in and noted that boycotting the games would be wrong because it would "break lines of communication."

Lines of communication weren't Brocken in China. The state news agency said that "violent separatists" in Tibet would be crushed and that they might receive lenient treatment if they turned themselves in now but that in the future they would receive harsh punishments. The news agency showed the public that the Buddhist monks were at fault and showed scenes of them throwing rocks and protesting. No communication was lost in Tibet. Foreign media was banned and monks were shot. Tourists were ordered to leave.

There will be no condemnation by the international community. There will be nothing. The Olympics charade will go on. In fact the rest of the world will act as stooges for the Chinese government. The world already is. In Australia the over-zealous police beat Tibetan protesters who dared to protest outside the Chinese embassy. In India the police beat Tibetan women and monks who dared to march in protest towards the Chinese border. Nepal has collaborated with China and closed Mount Everest from May1-10 so that China can bring the Olympic torch up to the mountain without interference by any protests.

Wherever there is a dictatorship and there is oppression there is always a collaborator. There is always a western person, a good liberal, like Mr. Bach, who collaborates and uses code words like "communication" as an excuse to appease murder. There is always an 'International' organization, this time the Olympic committee, to stand by the murder, the terrorism and the dictator. There is always a western tourist following the orders of the tourist police so he or she can learn about 'culture'.

This script is no different. Why are 100 dead Tibetans worth less than 100 dead Palestinians, for which the whole world had to mourn on March 6th after Israel pulled its troops from Gaza? The Tibetans are called 'Asian'. They are not 'wretched' Palestinians. Tibetan women wear their hair out rather than behind a headscarf. There is no media to show them wailing at funerals. There is no media to take pictures of the Tibetan children. There is no media to show the dead Tibetan bodies. The Tibetans aren’t terrorists. They don't deserve our sympathy because they aren’t willing to kill themselves in suicide bombings or gun down seminary students. The Tibetans don't fire rockets at civilians. So they deserve to die.

There is a simple rule in this world. When someone dies a question is asked. Is he or she a Muslim? Is the country in which the death took place a dictatorship or a democracy? If the answer is yes to the first question and the country is a democracy then there is news coverage and there are pictures of the dead body and children crying and women screaming. The Tibetans are not Muslims and they live in a dictatorship. Their methods of protest are, for the most part, peaceful. They don't deserve anything. There will be no western white students joining any 'International Solidarity Movements' for them. In fact when they protested for independence from March 10th-15th there was no coverage anyway. The media follows the rules in China, sort of like it does in Saudi Arabia and Cuba. That is the role of the media: to support dictatorship.

Dear Mr. Tibetan, if you want coverage and sympathy you need to start killing some civilians and firing some rockets at Chinese towns. You need to start blowing yourselves up. You need to convert to Islam and make your women overweight and your children look dirty and wretched for the cameras. You need to bring out your dead bodies and have public funerals with screaming and weeping. You need to preach hate for those around you. Then you will get the white man to notice you. Otherwise you might as well give up, because the world doesn't care about you, you are an Asian, a Buddhist and you are not willing to kill any civilians in your quest for self-determination. Sorry, Mr Tibetan, no terrorism, no coverage.

Always the same script.

Feminism's pride and joy: Ashley Dupre
March 20th, 2008
Seth J. Frantzman

The history of feminism will not include Ashley Dupre, the whore (that is right, whore, not 'call girl') at the center of the Spitzer scandal. The history of Feminism tells us lots of positive things about its accomplishments. It set women 'free'. Freed them from being forced to have children by giving them abortions and The Pill. Freed them from marriage by claiming that institution was a form of 'legalized rape' and encouraged women to see no shame in being a divorcee. Freed them from the home by helping women break that 'glass ceiling' in the work place. Freed them from the perverted touch of men by campaigning for stricter definitions and more prosecutions of 'sexual harassment'. It all seems like a very good track record. Something that feminists can be proud of.

But isn't there another side to feminism? A dark side? A side no one speaks about. Ashley Alexandra Dupre is that dark side, she is as much a product of feminism as Condi Rice or Carly Fiorina (the Ceo of HP). Nicholas Kristoff and other commentators have been trying to remind us, in the wake of the Spitzer sex scandal, that prostitution and working as an escort or 'call girl' is not as glamorous as some are depicting it. Bridgett Ohlsson reminds us that "We don't deny that there are prostitutes who are satisfied with their choice of profession. Perhaps the escort who worked for Emperor Club VIP, called Kristen in the media, wants to be viewed as a proud entrepreneur. But satisfied sex workers constitute a sliver in the dire world of prostitution.('Zero Tolerance for Johns, March 20, 2008 Herald Tribune)" She also reminds us, in discussing why countries such as Germany shouldn't legalize prostitution that "Few German or Dutch girls plan on making a career selling their bodies to strangers. On the other hand, many poor girls from countries such as Moldova and Ukraine are lured to Berlin and Amsterdam on false promises. (this is factually incorrect, there are no shortage of women born in Germany and Holland who choose to work as prostitutes)" Someone with the improbable name of E.B.M Kulukundis disagreed in a letter to the Tribune: "the sale of sex by one adult to another ought to be legal and subject to supervision for reasons of public health." All of this misses a central problem. Prostitution is wrong and should be illegal. Sex-trafficking and pimping ought to be punished with castration. Fine. But what about the role of women and particularly the role of feminism and the way in which it has aided and abetted a society (and women themselves) that has primarily turned women into sexual beasts of burden, to be used and thrown aside?

Luckily for us the evidence is right in front of us. After the Spitzer scandal broke every respectable news organization went out and found 'former' call girls and interviewed them. Despite all the editorials claiming "no one cares when its black girls being forced into prostitution" and which spoke about 'trafficking in women', all the interviewees, except one, were white upper class or middle class women. Natalie Mclellan from Montreal, was 24 years old when she became a whore. She worked for NY Confidential, another 'elite' escort service, and she appeared on the cover of New York Magazine. She is writing a memoir titled 'The Price' about her days as a whore. How does she describe how she began selling herself? "I was struggling, a starving actress, living in Manhattan, trying to succeed. The option was presented to me. I weighed the pros and the cons. I decided to try it once to see if it was something I could handle. It was, so I continued until it wasn’t right for me anymore…It can be a great living for a certain amount of time. It’s like Wall Street…It was unbelievable. It was a fairy tale….I love that movie! “Pretty Woman” is almost a little bit scary, because I remember watching that movie when I was a child. It’s the world’s best fairy tale…There was a girl I knew who worked for the agency, who had a booking with a client, went on a date. They fell in love, and he whisked her off to London…It’s a well-rounded industry. "
Her story and her championing of the 'industry' is typical of all the interviews. Brooke Taylor, another whiter than white middle class woman, described how she was a 'professional' at the Bunny Ranch outside of Las Vegas. Tracy Quan, a middle class Asian-American woman described her feelings in an editorial called 'I was there' in the Tribune. Her story mirrors them all: "I chose to work for an escort service because I was young, starting out in a precarious industry, alone in the city…Working for an escort service was a way to earn my living and keep a roof over my head." Tracy Quan is the author of "Diary of a Manhattan Call Girl." In the March 16th article in the Times by Cara Buckley entitled "The Double Lives of High Priced Call Girls" Faith O’Donnell, a full-time video artist and a part-time prostitute, is profiled. As is Ava Xi’an who sells real estate on Long Island, and turned to selling herself when her father, who lacks health insurance, needed heart surgery. There is also Sally Anderson, "an unapologetic feminist who advertises herself as a dominatrix with a holistic approach to pain, is available evenings after her day job at a graphic design firm." The article describes Xi'an's decision to be a whore: "She bought books on being an Internet escort, and pored over manuals about innovative sexual techniques, though she found most customers wanted run-of-the-mill activities. She thought working for an agency would be safer because it would screen clients and know where she was when they were together. But most agencies take a 50 percent cut, she said, and her first employer farmed her out on Craigslist for $200. Her first client lived in a project on the Upper East Side, and afterward refused to pay." She notes '“It sounds kind of crazy, but I didn’t realize how much fun it was going to be, and how much I’d like my clients,” The 'feminist' Anderson notes that "“It’s a form of therapy, it’s creative, and the money is good.” Ms. Anderson's parents support her and her mother says “This isn’t what I would have chosen for you (Anderson), but I love you and respect your decision.” She said the work is not always pleasant. Clients can be disrespectful, ignore predetermined boundaries and overlook their own hygiene. “It’s like any other job," she said. "You have your good days and bad days.”
Still, she plans to stick with sex work for years to come. She will need the money, especially since she is planning to study social work in graduate school this fall. "Ms. O’Donnell, 25, is a hipster with entrancing blue eyes who carries an NPR tote bag. She came to New York after college to pursue an acting career, and has been working in the sex industry for six years, first as a stripper and lap dancer, lately as a sex worker who books her own appointments. She said she relished the time spent with her clients as much as the easy money. 'I’ve traveled to Europe, I’ve met amazing people and I’ve paid off student loans,' said Ms. O’Donnell, a talkative woman who speaks four languages and is applying to graduate school to study visual arts." All of the whores emphatically deny that there is coercion, trafficking or victimhood.
Lily Burana, author of 'Strip City', "a journalist who has written for the New York Times Book Review, the Village Voice and Spin, decides to make a yearlong "bachelorette odyssey" to revisit her former career as a stripper…trying to reclaim some dignity for this devalued work…A self-proclaimed "sex-positive" feminist, she sees stripping as a choice, not just something women do because there's no other way to earn a buck. True, she herself first went to Peepland ( Peep show booth) to make her rent money, but it also provided a "reprieve from rabid self-actualization" (e.g., studying and trying to get decent jobs). In her return to the "tiprail," she rediscovers the out-of-body high that sometimes graces strippers….will she be seduced back to this gloriously exhibitionist career? Stripping means "reclaiming [her] sexuality in the public arena" I personally have known dozens of middle or upper class women who, in the guise of 'needing to pay rent' became strippers, porn workers or whores.
Not only in America is the Middle Class woman reveling in her sex work. A bestseller in Paris entitled My Dear Studies (Mes Cheres Etudes) by Laura D, a 19 year old student and prostitute. ". It was, she says, the astronomical cost of property that sent her on to the streets.(France's Sordid Housing Crises, BBC, March 12th, 2008 " There is also Bruna Surfistinha (Bruna the Surfer girl) who wrote The Scorpion's Sweet Venom: The Diary of a Brazilian Call Girl. In a country where 80% of the people are dark skinned and poor she is white and Middle Class and became a whore after running away from her posh suburban home at 17. In her book she describes "what she learned from the experience."
Prostitution in some places may be about coercion, sex slavery and trafficking. It surely is that way in Thailand, India, Moldova and the UAE. But in many countries that is not the case. In the West the prostitutes are almost all born middle class. Almost all of them are white (or increasingly middle class American born Asian women whose parents worked their whole lives to give their daughters 'opportunity' in America-the opportunity to spread their legs for money). In fact the West is the leading exporter of whores abroad. One can find Western women working as whores in disparate place, from Saudi Arabia to South Africa to Japan. The world needs Western women, if not for their brains and know how and their volunteering at NGOs, at least for their bodies. The western woman is primarily a commodity to be packaged and sold (its not the first time this was the case, between the 12th and 19th centuries over a million European white western women were sold as slaves in North Africa and the Ottoman empire, the result of the depredations of Barbary pirates and Turkish slavers who kidnapped them from towns as far afield as Ireland, the Ukraine, Italy and the Balkans). There is the Imam in Australia who compared scantily dressed Australian white women to 'pieces of meat' and said it was acceptable that Muslim men might rape them because "when you leave a piece of meat outside and someone steals it, is the thief to blame?." While his logic regarding the legality of rape is perhaps less than logical, his comparison of Western women to pieces of meat is less objectionable than the Australian press made it seem. Women revel in their commoditization. There is nothing women in the West revel in more. Whether it is women telling their male friends about the best strip club, or going to workout classes where Strip moves are used to 'tone the body' (The Strip workout) or doing the 'buns of steel' workout or watching 'America's Next top model' it is women who support and have created their own sexualification.
Feminism blames men for sex crimes and blames men for the male view of women as sex object. But why are so many feminists proud to be whores? Feminism's step- child is the whore culture of America and the West. It is feminism that created the "I am proud to be a whore" mentality. It is feminism that refers to whoredom as 'sex work' and it is feminism that calls stripping, 'exploring boundaries'.
There are two ways to know that the scam by which every middle class white women-cum-prostitute is 'forced' into it to 'pay for college' is a giant lie. First of all if it were true that lack of money forced people to become whores then one would logically find that most whores were poor, or that all the poor women had taken to being whores long before all the wealthy women did. But by and large poor women are not prostitutes. Especially in the West it is middle class women. There excuse that "I need the money to pay for my college degree in feminism" does not hold water. Secondly it doesn't hold water because men don't become prostitutes. Why is it that men can find clean normal jobs that don't require them to give oral and anal sex for money while women from the same socio-economic background cannot? We live in a world in the West where the jobs open to male students are also open to women. Yet the women are the only ones that become prostitutes. The men seem to be able to pay their way through college being waiters or through other types of jobs. The story of the French 19 year old student 'forced' to be a whore to pay rent doesn't jive with reality. No one 'forced' her to go on the streets. French men her age can find jobs, and they find jobs that are open to both the sexes. The irony is that feminism has opened up the job market to women but women don't avail themselves of the work, many middle class women prefer working as 'sex workers' to working in an office. It's the women who are born poor that must be taking the office jobs, because it isn't the middle class women. The story of the 'failed actress turned whore' perhaps is more unique to women then men. Men apparently have a more reasonable outlook on their chances of becoming a successful actor than women do. Legions of men don't turn up in New York year after year trying to be actors and then ending up on the streets 'forced to sell themselves'. Perhaps legions of men do show up wanting to be actors, but when their dreams fail they end up as waiters or they go home. Women seem to have a knack for turning every disappointment and failure into the ultimate "I need to be a whore now in order to survive" mentality. But the quick resort to whoring that one finds from western women is a product of feminism more than it is a product of circumstances. None of these strippers or call girls are really 'forced' into their profession, in truth it seems it is the typical fall-back, the 'plan b' of every middle class white woman.
Is it racist to blame it on feminism and white women? Becoming a prostitute is primarily a cultural phenomenon. All the articles on prostitution invoke that famous canard that "it was the oldest profession". This quote, which is so overused, begs two questions: if it was the oldest profession then what was the profession of the first john who paid for the first whore? If he didn't have a profession then where did he get the money or trade goods to give her for her services? Evidently prostitution is not the world's 'oldest profession'. This canard, like the speed with which middle class women become prostitutes themselves (recall that our old friend Ashley Dupre posed in seven fully nude Girls Gone Wild videos at 18 while in Florida and at 19 she became a call girl in New York when her 'musical career' didn't turn out well. She told CNN she "loves who I am"), was invented by feminism.
Prostitution always existed and it was always cultural. In the 1930s the only place in the world one could find 'mutter und tochter' (mother and daughter) sex was in Weimer, Germany. If someone doesn't think that’s cultural and has everything to do with Weimer Germany, and little to do with 'the world's oldest profession' then they are ignorant and blind. Culturalized prostitution also existed in Egypt and India/Pakistan where castes of 'dancing girls (now exotically referred to as belly dancers-another fetish romanticized by Western middle class white women) worked as whores in special clubs. In Japan it was the culture of the Geisha. The modern sex 'culture' of Thailand brings young girls from rural villages, usually sold by their own aunts or friends, to work in the city as whores. Modlova's culture is that of a whore, the population of the country is only 4 million, thus only 2 million women are there, of those only 300,000 are between the ages of 15 and 25 (the best years for being a whore), and one suspects that at least that many Moldovan women work or are forced prostitutes in Europe and the Middle East. In short, it would be hard to find a woman in Moldova between the age of 15 and 25 and if one did one can be 80% assured that the women has either been a prostitute or will be a prostitute. Yet they call it trafficking. An entire generation of women have been sold into sexual slavery, and yet its called 'trafficking'. That’s a misnomer. Something went wrong in Moldovan history that turned it into a supply depot of women, where its main export is 15 year old girls. Something went wrong with Moldovan culture. Perhaps it believed in feminism too much. Moldova isn't special. It isn't especially poor. Its poorer than France. But its GDP ($2,200) is higher than Gaza's and not so different than Pakistan, Indonesia or Morocco. How many whores were trafficked from Morocco or Gaza to Europe last year? (if there was trafficking from those places it was trafficking in African women or Russian women from those places en route to Europe, not of local women)
The primary difference between Gaza and Moldova is feminism. It is the culture. Women in Moldova are free to do as they please. They dress as they please. They marry and divorce as they please. They can choose their own life. Most choose to be slaves. Most choose to be locked in dirty rooms in Prague and service ten men a day for a few cents, so that other men can make money from them the way one makes money off renting out a horse. A women, given feminism and choice, chooses to live the life of the horse, except with more STDs and more abortions and more raping and more anal sex. But basically the feminized Western woman is the horse. Except in her case she chooses to be the horse, unlike the horse, which is born that way.
There is no secret to encourage one's daughter to follow the path of Condi Rice or Carly Fiorina and not the life choice of Ms. Ashley Dupre (although most middle class white families now 'respect' their daughter's decision to be a prostitute). Perhaps if Condi had been white she would have opted out of Russian studies and worked in sex work instead. Was it her upbringing as a black woman, a child of a Republican voting black family, that led her to forsake prostitution? Was it the thought of her father saying "you are a whore and a disgrace to the family" that led her to keep working for a degree rather than working the pole at the local strip club? We can only imagine what propelled Condi to success. Whatever it was it surely wasn't feminism. Had feminism gotten its claws into Condi she would, no doubt, be writing her memoirs about her life as a Call Girl and waxing poetic on how she 'loved her life' and 'her experience' having sex with different men every night.
Feminism will keep moving forward. But one has to wonder. If poverty leads to prostitution then why aren’t their brothels in Gaza (except brothels stocked by Ukrainian women)? There are brothels in Tel Aviv. The wealthy society creates prostitutes. In the West the prostitutes are the women who were born with money and who choose the trade. Feminism's victory is what one might call the 'whore class' the middle class of white suburban women dreaming of being actresses. They provide the supply to the needs of the men. We criticize the Muslim religion because it enslaves women. But the only difference between the life of the Muslim woman and the western middle class suburban woman-turned-sex worker is that the western women chooses her enslavement while the Muslim woman is forced into hers (sort of like the horse). Can one truly call it an achievement that a culture liberates people only so they have the choice to sell themselves back into slavery? Would one call that an achievement or a disaster? Feminism's gravestone is the brothel and the Burka. The two symbols of what feminism has wrought are those two things that are romantic to western women: Islam and prostitution.

George McClellan’s unlikely legacy
Seth J. Frantzman
March 18th, 2008

In a recent article by Michael Oren he concluded with a quote from George McClellan, 'Americans must learn to "weigh (the Middle East) by (its) own long as we judge (it) by the rules we apply to ourselves" we will be doomed to misunderstand the region.' The just of McClallen’s quote, which dates from 1874, is clear: McClellan was a moral-relativist. He believed that America or people in general should not meddle in the affairs of others. “Live and let live”. That was his motto.

George McClellan was born in 1826 in Philadelphia, the son of a prominent family. He graduated second in his class from West Point military academy in 1846. He served as a reconnaissance officer in the Army Corp of Engineers during the Mexican War in 1846. He was there along with many other young men who were to know fame later in life, including Robert E. Lee. McClellan was a traveler. In 1865 he was an observer in the Crimean war. A keen observer of other cultures, he adopted a Hussar saddle which was later made standard issue in American cavalry.

When Civil War came Mclellan was serving in backwater units on the Ohio river and in the newly created state of West Virginia. After the debacle of Bull Run Lincoln summoned him and on July 26th, 1861 he was given command of the Army of the Potomac with the mandate to destroy the confederate army and forcibly re-constitute the Union. At the time his supporters marveled at the ‘Young Napoleon’ who many considered the most up and coming man in the American army. His detractors, notably Radical Republican congressman and abolitionists, abhorred him for being a conservative and a Democrat and the widely known fact that he personally did not oppose slavery.

McClellan’s tenure at the head of the Union’s massive army lasted until after the Battle of Antietam at which time, on November 7th, 1863, Lincoln relieved him of command for insufficiently pursuing the enemy. In 1864 McClellan was drafted by the Democratic part to run against Lincoln for the presidency. He ran on a ‘peace’ or anti-war slate and argued that the emancipation of the slaves was contrary to the constitution (which guaranteed men rights to their property i.e their slaves).

The irony that McClellan, the failed candidate and failed general, should now be seen as a harbinger or moral-relativism is fascinating. The fact that he is sent o have been prescient in his dealing with the Middle East should remind many of the flaws of the relativist stance. He believed passionately that not only the Middle East as a regional culture should be left to its own devices, but the American South should be as well. McClellan would have sat well with modern day leftist-liberals. He was anti-war. He believed that America should not impose its will or values on others. His flawed logic shows the degree to which people should understand that supporting or respecting or tolerating difference can only go so far. When the difference is immoral, for instance slavery or the subjugation of women, as one finds in Saudi Arabia, there should be no tolerance for it.
The eminent historian and conservative thinker, and champion of western heritage and civilization, Victor Davis Hanson has commented on this in his study The Soul of Battle in which he recounts the stories of three liberators in history. He examines the history of Epaminondas of Thebes, George Patton and William T. Sherman. Epaminondas is credited with freeing Greece from the Spartan yoke while Sherman is credited with ‘making Georgia howl’ to free the slaves and Patton is credited with helping to free Europe from the Nazi menace. Hanson’s lesson is clear: extraordinary immorality needs extraordinary use of brute force to crush it. The existence of terrorism and the rise of Islamism is just such an extraordinary evil. George Bush and his Iraqi Generals have proved themselves deficient in their ability to wipe out this menace primarily because they are fighting in Iraq while the house of Saud is allowed to remain unopposed. They are paying $104 a barrel for oil to fuel American Humvees in Baghdad and each penny of that goes to fund more terrorism. But what is most important is to recall that Abraham Lincoln is a model to follow, not George B. McClellan.

Lies my glacier told me
Seth J. Frantzman
March 16th, 2006

The glaciers are melting. According to the colonial body known as the U.N Environmental Program, they are shrinking at the fastest rate ever. This is a self-fulfilling prophecy, given the fact that the Nobel Peace prize was awarded to the U.N last year for 'warning us about global warming'. Listen to these prophetic words: "Glaciers are shrinking at record rates and could disappear within decades." Not exactly scientific stuff, but it sure is alarming.

I will make a wager. The glaciers will not disappear within decades. If they do it won't make any difference whatsoever. All the stories about Global Warming are the same. They always involve some catastrophic affect that will be felt in 'coming decades'. This one involves rivers drying up in the American northwest and in India. Let me make another wager. There will still be rivers in Oregon in 2050. There will always be rivers in Oregon.

The glaciers are part of a well orchestrated massive hysterical lie that is foisted on the public month after month and year after year and decade after decade. When I was young the hysteria involved 'green house gases' and the 'ozone layer'. It is always something you can't see that is supposedly going to be responsible for some terrible catastrophe.

The U.N solution to the shrinking glaciers is that we should agree to "stricter targets for emissions reduction" and an "international meeting." Why do people think that giant catastrophes can always be solved by a bunch of European men with gray hair sitting around and slapping eachother on the back. What is meant by "stricter targets" and "emissions reduction". It is meaningless. The language and the plan is meaningless. Do they mean that Denmark will have stricter controls? How about all of Europe. What good will that do? Europe doesn't put out the vast majority of "green house gases." Why can't Europeans just admit it: They can't control the emissions in China and there is no evidence these emissions are what is causing the glaciers to melt.

In fact the lack of evidence merely helps fulfill the prophecy. Yea rafter year we are told of some new bogey man that is supposedly causing 'global warming'. Its either aerosol cans or exhaust. Or its coal power plants. Au contraire, we can't cut down on coal power because the same environmental mafia that forces us to be pay these international meetings is the same one that prevents us from having wind turbines (wind power) and building new nuclear power plants. If the environmental mafia hadn't protested against nuclear power in the 1980s all of our power would be derived from that source and we would have cut emissions dramatically. Instead the same leftists who tell us we must cut down on emissions are the same ones that protest when people dare to try to build windmills for wind power. Remember the wind mills that were supposed to be built in Nantucket sound, where there is a constant wind source? The rich liberal pashas like Ted Kennedy and David McCullough all opposed it because it might ruin their views of the ocean.

The next time a liberal tells you about global warming tell him to build a wind turbine in his backyard and ride a bicycle to work. No liberal can be without his giant SUV, his private jet and his 1,000 acres of beautiful 'pristine' land. If global warming is really a threat it is primarily one created by wealthy liberals who have destroyed out environment through their fancy living and have prevented us from building new types of power generators. In the end it doesn't matter, there is nothing we can do about global warming because we are not China and Global Warming is primarily a myth akin to the 'end of days' myths of the 19th century.

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