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Terra Incognita 67 Europe, women and justice

Terra Incognita
Issue 67
“Written to enlighten, guaranteed to offend”

A Publication of Seth J. Frantzman
Jerusalem, Israel


December 30th, 2008

1) Its funny to think: The dark news from Europe, the stories o more minarets, more Shariah law, and more Khaffiyeh wearing extremists, is beginning to take the form of a large joke, a sort of joke on humanity, 'progress' and civilization. Its especially funny considering two recent news items; that Hamas removes Khaffiyas from the necks of European activists in Gaza because they perceive the symbol as supporting Fatah and that the film Whatever Lola Wants, which romanticizes belly dancing, will also not be shown in Gaza, but will be cheered wholeheartedly by western audiences yearning for the 'exotic'.

2) Why the women leave: The news reports of dead women found in various countries never end. Sex slaves tossed aside like garbage, 'cocktail waitresses' murdered in Japan, nurses beheaded in Saudi, 13 year old rape victims in Somalia stoned to death by courageous men. The slaughter of women is at an all time high. In the UK they admit to 'losing' 2000 women a year from the school system, most forced into marriage. In Pakistan special graveyards are designated for the anonymous victims of honour killings. We see once again that whereas the Islamic society murders women and it is accepted, that in the Western and secular society women are also disappeared, sold and trafficked and crushed beneath the boot of modernity. But why? Why does secularism and freedom for women also lead to the murder and enslavement of so many of them, just as in the Islamist society?

3) Europe and the concept of Justice: The recent release of another member of the "Red Army Faction', a leftist group of German terrorists from the 1970s, reminds us of the central concept of European 'justice'. They are released because they are not perceived to be a threat to society. For the same reason aging Nazis were long ago released. European justice does not seek retribution. Worst of all it does not recognize that the victims of these people were denied their right to life, and that therefore the murderer should also be denied his freedom. Europeans speak of a 'proportionate' response. There is nothing more disproportionate than letting a murderer run free who has taken the lives of others.

Its funny to think
December 27th, 2008
Seth J. Frantzman

It funny to think that in Gaza people who wear black and white checkered Khaffiyas have them removed by the police and are questioned. That is Hamas justice. The newest ‘exotic’ movie to come out of North Africa, ‘Whatever Lola Wants’ includes an hour of a white teenage American girl shaking her breasts and buttocks for crowds of men as part of her ‘belly dancing training’ where she ‘frees her mind’ and ‘comes to know her body.’ But there are some people who won’t be going to this degrading film; Islamists. It is a strange world where the Hamas loving Islamic terrorist won’t countenance the terror-supporting khaffiyah but the blond haired-blue eyed woman from the U.K will proudly wear it in Jerusalem and wax poetic about ‘Al Khalil’ the “real name of Hebron”, while she lectures some Palestinian girl on how that girl is “not sufficiently nationalistic, you learned Hebrew, that language of oppression.” It is a strange world where one can only count on the Islamist to remove the symbol of terrorism, the Khaffiyeh, and where one can only rely on the white European to wear that khaffiyeh, even at a restaurant in Jerusalem recently renovated after being bombed by one of those very Khaffiyeh wearing terrorists.

Let me speak clearly. The woman from the U.K wears the symbol that supports the terror that blew up Restobar on Gaza Street causing blood to flow down the street. The Hamas government of the Gaza strip takes that Khaffiyeh from around the neck of the same surprised blue eyed white girl and explains “not around here.” The European gushes with enthusiasm and crowds up to see the ‘cultural’ masterpiece of some white teenage girl gyrating her breasts for men to watch and the white Europeans say “oh, this is an expression of an ancient fertility ritual from the Middle East.” But the actual resident of the Middle East, except for some French speaking elites in Tunis, don’t go to see this degrading movie.

Why is it that Islam makes more sense than western civilization and liberalism? Why is it that Islamism is so rarely contradictory. It is strait. It likes terrorism, so long as it is its terrorism. It won’t allow belly dancing to be passed of as some ‘ancient cultural ritual that empowers women.’ It tells it like it is: “Belly dancing is a western import, invented by western women, it is a dirty immoral display of female nudity and corrupts men and women who are exposed to it.” Western liberalism would like to jam ‘oriental dance’ down the throat of Islam, forcing it to ‘admit’ that its part of Middle Eastern culture. But its not. Belly Dancing is only ‘Middle Eastern’ in the sense that strip clubs are ‘western’. Both arose for the same reason: to give men a place to go and smoke a pipe and pay a few coins to watch women disgrace themselves in the nude so the men may enjoy themselves. Is a tripper, on her hands and knees, shaking her thong in a man’s face practicing an ‘ancient fertility ritual’? Not really. She doesn’t get pregnant very often with those clients, so we can’t really say she is ‘fertile’. She reminds the man of sex, so in that sense she is encouraging his instinctual desire to impregnate something. But liberalism would twist it all around so we can’t figure out what is an ancient part of our culture and what is just a bunch of sleazy immorality.

There is something funny about watching Minarets arise over European cities and watching those leftist-khaffiyeh-wearing Israel-hating-Europeans supporting the rise of this religion in their midst. There is something funny about watching European women with their unkempt hair and their ‘African’ necklaces championing the cause of separate swimming at public pools and at parks for men and women. Only liberalism would support the very thing that it spent between 1850 and 1950 trying to make us get rid of. At the very point where the last social clubs will be forced to integrate men and women one will find that Islam will come along and save them, under the auspices of culture, so that they can remain 'males only', lest the Muslim men be offended. The slaughtering of sheep and other animals for Muslims, Halal butchery, is being brought to the same Europe where some people wish to bar Jews from Kosher butchery. So Islam will save the Jews dietary habits. The Europeans will soon no longer have to recall their history of genocide, the Holocaust, also thanks to Islam which finds learning about the Holocaust ‘offensive’. That is good. Europeans shouldn't have to learn about their own history. They can read Ibn Khaldun’s The Mugaddinah, his masterpiece of ‘world’ history. Europeans hated the Jews and gave them little, but it is good to see them bending over backwards for their most recent arrivals. The European, who never wore a Star and David on his arm, wears the Khaffiyeh around his neck and it is ‘cool’. The Jews were not cool enough for Europe. Islam is cool.

There is something funny about the knowledge that Shariah law is now legal in England and beating one’s wife is now judged in a special Shariah court. There is just something funny about European schools going over to Halal diets for the children. There is something funny about the fact that Amsterdam has legal prostitution and drug use and is 20% Muslim Islamist. Its sort of like a nightmare come true: sex slavery and Islamism, all in one city. Its nice to see gay activists supporting Islamism. Its funny to watch halter top wearing bra-less European women in their miniskirts marching for Islam. Its funny to watch it all because its all just a big joke.

No two civilizations were made for eachother more in history than the European and the Muslim. European men are becoming homosexual at about the same rate that Muslim men in Europe desire polygamy. Could anything fit more closely except a continent of same sex relationship loving males, abandoned women, and polygamous Muslims?

What is still funny to think about is my memories of that European 22 year old white woman, scampering off to her house in the Shuafat refugee camp in the West Bank to meet her curfew, she doesn’t want to offend those Muslim sensibilities, wearing that khaffiyeh and declaring that she was “wants to live in a traditional Arab village but close enough to Jerusalem so I can go to bars in West Jerusalem.” The European. They are such funny people. They will wear that khaffieyh in the West Bank to show their support for the ‘resistance’, they will encourage nationalism among Palestinians, they go with that khaffiyeh to some bar in Jewish Tel Aviv, a bar that has been blown up by terrorists, and the European doesn’t think of the offense that they cause, or they enjoy the idea that they are "exercising their rights by wearing it, showing the Israelis that I support the Palestinians and am proud of it.” The European. When one knows the smirk on the Europeans face when the European hears about terrorism in other countries, the lack of empathy for other peoples who suffer from the terror the European supports, when one thinks of it they almost wish terror upon Europe, they almost look forward to watching Europe reap what it has sown. And then one thinks of Hamas and how they ban the Khaffiyeh. Will Hamas save us from the European? Who is worse, the Hamas activist or his European female European collaborator? Who is worse: the terrorist or his excuser, his lover, those who call his act ‘resistance’? The terrorist is honest. The European is not. The European needlessly spits on the graves of the dead and offends the victims, wearing its khaffiyeh into the offices of terror victims, enjoying tea at elitist coffee shops and looking down on average people. Hamas doesn’t spit on the grave of the terror victim. Hamas can be relied on for its hate and one can fight Hamas with a closed fist. But how does one fight the European and his support of terrorism and the fact that he comes to every country in the world and exploits democracy in order to fan the flames of terrorism and ethnic hatred and nationalism? How does one fight him? Hamas knows how. We could learn much from Hamas. The European loves Hamas. If we can become like Hamas will the European love us? If not at least we can deal with the European the way Hamas has: remove the khaffiyeh and interrogate and expel them, tell the European once and for all: stay home and stop coming to our countries and trampling on the graves of our dead. You Europeans caused enough bloodshed, enough genocides: the world has had enough. Luckily leftist Europeans have few children and their continent is being slowly made more and more poor through the immigrants in Europe: soon they will decline and be poor and suffer terror and ethnic and religious strife.

Why the women leave
December 16th, 2008
Seth J. Frantzman

Philipino maids throw themselves off balconies in Lebanon. Canadian nurses are beheaded in Saudi Arabia. British ‘cocktail waitresses’ are murdered in Japan. American college students are murdered in Italy. Women from Moldova are ‘tricked’ into becoming sex slaves in Macedonia, forced to clean toilets with their tongues, and then released from imprisonment when they get AIDs. In Haifa women have sex with forty men a night ‘to feed their children’. What is wrong with women in our world? Why is it that our world, our modern world, is a brutal place where women are raped, murdered, disappeared and turned into slaves by the millions? In Somalia they rape teenage girls and then accuse them of ‘adultery’ and bury them up to their necks and stone them to death. What is most fascinating about all this is that it is women in some cases who make the choices to engage in these activities or at the very least trust some advertisement to be a ‘dancer’ or ‘nurse’ in some country where the first step on their ‘journey to work’ is to give away their passport to some man and then be ‘smuggled’ by other men who then rape them. No matter, they follow their fate.

Why is it that the modern world, with its secularism and education is primarily responsible for creating slavery and slavery entirely among the female half of secular societies. Its an interesting side of women’s ‘liberation’ and freedom that guarantees that within ten or fifty years of giving women equal rights one will find, as they have found in the Philippines, that something like 20% of the women in the country have simply disappeared and gone abroad, never to return. They are working as nurses or caretakers or prostitutes throughout the world. Not only do they never return, none of them seek to marry Phillipino men, they disappear into the meat grinder of poverty and nothingness of a brutal secular world. Where have all the women gone in the Ukraine or Moldova? They are ‘working’ as prostitutes in Prague or Macedonia or Amsterdam, on display in some window to be bought and sold by men. The most beautiful make their male pimps the most money until they have become ‘old and loose’ and then they are tossed aside, with any number of drug problems and STDs, into some trash heap.

It doesn’t happen to men. Men don’t sell themselves into slavery. Men don’t end up locked in houses in Lebanon, throwing themselves out windows to escape. Men don’t allow themselves to be sold as slaves, raped and put on display in some window like an animal. So why does secularism lead to the dehumanization of women? Why does ‘equal rights’ lead to a society without women with the women sold into some brothel somewhere with no rights? Why is it that in nations where rights are granted to women, when there is even the slightest economic downturn, the women sell themselves on ‘Russian brides’ websites and marry foreign men and immediately leave their countries, converting to whatever religion they can find so as to leave behind the country and the nation and the heritage that granted them equality? Why is it that the freedom granted women in Russia led to most of them coming to places like Israel and marrying Bedouin men in polygamous marriages, converting to Islam, having 13 children and covering themselves up. They wouldn't have had 13 children with a Russian man. They wouldn’t have covered themselves up modestly for a Russian man. They wouldn't have allowed a Russian man to lock them inside all day so he could enjoy other women. But they will do it for whatever man comes along who isn’t Russian or Orthodox Christian. That is the message of secularism, so far as women are concerned: slavery and abandonment of the society that grants the freedom.

There was a time in society, when people were religious, when women had a role in the family and in the religion and in conveying traditions to the young. There was a time when women committed suicide after seeing their men sold into slavery after defeat in battle. There was a time when women wept for the men in their society and supported them in times of war and economic hardship. But secularism guarantees, because it produces a society of irresponsible men who spend more time picking out their metrosexual jeans and watching porn then paying attention to their women, that the women have no interest in the society that grants them freedom and equality. It is almost unheard of to see women nationalists and right wing women in a democratic secular society. Women are always, in a secular liberal society, at the forefront of movements to help ‘the other’ and bring Shariah law or some other hateful law of inequality into society. Why is that? Why is it that women in the free society can always be counted on to support those religions and laws that grant less freedom to women? Why is it that women judges can always be counted on to give light prison sentences to rapists whereas male judges give harsher ones? One finds that whatever is the culture in society that treats women the worst this will be the culture considered the most ‘exotic’ and most ‘romantic’ by women in a secular society.

While women will be the first ones in the secular society to want to ‘push the bounds’ of society by being nude in operas and plays and protesting nude or being photographed nude, the same women will inevitably cover their hair and act modestly and quietly for whatever immigrant minority religion demands that of them. While women will fight for abortion in their secular society one finds that those same women, once they have discovered Islam, will have 13 children.

This is the paradox of freedom for women. Societies that grant women freedom do not find that women like that society any longer. Religions that grant women equality will find that women no longer want to worship that religion. Take Christianity, that religion where gays are ordained in Europe and women are priests. But how many women are proud Christians in Europe? How many women take enjoyment in reading the Bible? But give them a Koran and they will be exploring the Sunna and the Hadith and pronouncing Al Khalil correctly and letting the word “Mohammed” role off their lips like they are post-coital. Why?

Is the problem a problem that is central to women, the natural love of enslavement and being second class citizens, or is it a problem of secular democracy, granting people freedom leads them to take it for granted and they come to have contempt for what they are familiar with, or is it a problem with men, men become increasingly fat and weak in a wealthy secular democracy, exposed to ‘perfect’ women in porn and magazine covers they no longer value their ‘normal’ women, they become irresponsible because of the ease of abortion, having no honour for women, deserting pregnant women and expecting women to be single mothers while men live a life of irresponsibility and childishness, drowning themselves in impotent drug use, drunkeness and games of foolishness.

It is all three. Women have an innate and strange and twisted desire to be abused, dominated, told what to do and degraded. In the West we speak of women entering a ‘vicious cycle of bad relationships’ but this disguises the truth; these women in these ‘abusive relationships’ desire this abuse, just as prostitutes may use the excuse of being ‘abused by my dad’ but in truth they have sought out this lifestyle and while not enjoying it have played a great part in wanting to be it, just as strippers and porn stars are mostly middle class and choose to become what they are. Secularism is a diseased system that decays the moral and spiritual qualities of people, forcing them eventually to hate secularism and love its destruction, or at the very least not want to defend it. Worst of all are the men of the west, a primarily weak and pathetic gathering of metrosexual flabbiness, fat, weak, skinny beyond normality, overly enjoying childish games, rarely growing up and never having any interest in the women in their society.

The three go hand in hand. Women, who out of a sense of wanting to be honoured, degrade themselves out of the false premise that men who abuse them, rape them or lock them up ‘love them’, secularism gives people no structure in an ‘anything goes’ society, and the men become fat, impotent and weak, increasingly incapable of raising their fists to do anything and unwilling to chase their women in a manner that shows the women they are actually wanted and desired by their men. Lack of any religion or faith or decency or tradition and heritage adds to the illness of the society and produces generations of women who fall prey to enslavement and who flee their countries for opportunities (after all secularism and capitalism value ‘opportunity) abroad, the men flee too, there are Spanish and Australian towns where all the men have simply left for work in America or the UAE. Men without the strictures of religion have no interest in the future and have no interest in children, a thing they view as a burden to their fun loving life. It is an ill society, truly sick, where the men and the women have a mutual dislike for one another to the extent that the women sell themselves into slavery and the men become bisexual, such is their love for themselves and their male bodies.

Europe and the concept of Justice
December 25th, 2008
Seth J. Frantzman

Another day, another murderer freed in Europe. In European countries a ‘life sentence’ is between 15-22 years. Hardly a year goes by without another terrorist or former Nazi being released due to ‘old age’ or because they are ‘no longer a threat to society.’ The latest murderer to be freed was Christian Klar, a German who has served 26 years of his ‘life sentence’. He is 55 years old. Klar was arrested in 1982 as a member of the Red Army Faction or Baader-Mienhof gang which murdered 34 high profile German businessmen and politicians. Klar took the lives of three people; Hans-Martin Schleyer, Siegfried Buback and Jurgen Punto. These three men were murdered because the communist ideology and youthful leftist extremism of Klar and his bourgeoisie leftist friends led them to take the lives of those they saw as ‘capitalists’. The German leftists of the Red Army Faction also participated in the hijacking of the Air France jet to Entebbe that was subsequently freed by the Israelis. During that hijacking the German leftists and their Arab Muslim allies separated the Jewish passengers from the non-Jewish ones.

Klar took the lives of three men. Some of them were about the same age he is now. He took there lives for no reason. They had done nothing wrong and yet Klar believed he had the ‘right’ to take their lives. Yet no one, especially not the state it seems, has the right to take the life of Klar. His ‘life sentence’ is hardly that. He murdered three people and denied them the right to live their lives and denied their families the ability to say goodbye or see these three men again. Yet Klar will see his family and even have the chance to raise children and love and be loved. He took all that three men ever had and all they would ever have, but he receives everything from society. Society in Europe and the European sense of ‘justice’ is the reason that the life of the murderer is full and free and the life of the victim is worth nothing.

Why is it that justice has become perverted in this matter. People have come to believe that prison serves only as a place to keep ‘dangerous’ people away from society. Once these people are ‘rehabilitated’ or old or ‘no longer a threat’ or they ‘show remorse’ they are allowed to go free. But why are murderers who planned their murder and killed again and again allowed to go free. One can understand that some people murder others accidentally in an act of rage. Those people, while taking a life, may deserve rehabilitation and a second chance. But when someone stalks other people, kidnaps them and murders them and then does it again and again how can that person and how can justice be served by freeing them.

The justice system, particularly in Europe, is not about punishment any longer. It is not about taking away the freedom of someone who denied others their freedom. Instead it is so brutally pragmatic and cold that it simply seeks to remove the threatening person from society until that person is considered no longer a threat. But this is a brutal way to serve justice for it does not justice to the people whose lives were taken. They are not entered into the equation. This is a significant problem. A Nazi can take the lives of tens of thousands at a camp he is in charge of. He can torture and rape and do all manner of evil unspeakable things. And yet when he reaches the age of 80 because of his ‘old age’ he is allowed to leave prison and enjoy his last years in comfort. But his victims received no comfort. They died cold and alone. They were murdered senselessly and without reason. They were brutally tortured and worked to death. But the ‘old’ Nazi gets to visit his family and smile and enjoy the holidays. He denied others lives and family and holidays but he receives it all in the name of a ‘justice’ system that seeks merely to protect society from threats and not punish those who threaten others.

It is a very strange world to know that a person who murdered senselessly can sit on a bus next to you and he can chat and smile.

A society that abandons the concept of revenge and retribution in its justice system loses the concept of justice. Prison is not simply a place to put people who are dangerous and who interrupt society's norms. It is also a place to punish people. In a society that finds the death penalty immoral he least we can do is keep murderers in prison for the rest of their lives. They denied life. There is no reason that they should be allowed to have life.

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