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Terra Incognita 80 Lula da Silva, Thugocracy, Protest tourism and the treatment of women

Terra Incognita
Issue 80
“Written to enlighten, guaranteed to offend”

A Publication of Seth J. Frantzman
Jerusalem, Israel


Note from the editor: Apologies for the lateness of this issue it was due to the holidays here.

April 11th, 2009

1) An ignorant racist disgusting individual: President Lula da Silva: On March 26th Brazilian president Lula da Silva stood at a news conference with Gordon Brown of the UK and blamed “white men with blue eyes” for causing the financial crises. Gordon Brown didn’t wince and in not saying something or leaving the stage he shamed himself. Da Silva’s racism bears some analysis. He is a white man, a member of the white elite of Brazil. Furthermore most of the heads of American financial companies were not white but immigrants or successful minorities. Lastly, if it weren’t for the “white man” in the West the people of Brazil would still be living nude among the swamps. They take the racist easy way out by blaming others for their problems. So Brazil, if you hate the “white man” then stop sending your sons to Universities in the West, keep them at home in your country which has among the highest rates of violence in the world.

2) Thugacracy: the U.S Congress in the age of Obama: The degrading and savage behavior of the U.S congress in questioning AIG CEO Edward Liddy is a new low. Liddy was begged by the government to “serve his country” in 2008 and help save AIG for the overwhelming salary of $1 a year. Now he is being threatened with murder by strangulation with piano wire and one senator said he and his executives should commit suicide. Barnie Frank, a congressmen, is demanding he “name names” of the executives who received bonuses. The American Congress has reached one of its lowest and must demagougic points in its history. It is a tragedy for us all.

3) Protest Tourism hurts: Tristan Anderson came. He spread hate. He called people ‘nazi’. If it were’nt for an errant stun grenade he might have passed his vacation as many students in the West do and gone home having enjoyed his “exotic” experience as a “protest tourist.” But now his parents are travelling to the state they call “nazi” and “apartheid” to visit him in a hospital where the apartheid crusader doctors are operating on him and he is taken care of with free health care by impoverished nurses of the nazi state he hated so much. The state is Israel, but it could be any nation in the world afflicted with the scourge of wealthy spoiled non-working leftist western students who play at conflict and murder, genocide and terror.

4) The satanic treatment of women: The West and Islam (photos included with attachment): Two more stories of the treatment of women once again remind us of the evils of liberalism and Islamism. One involves a poor Ethiopian immigrant teenager who dated two Arab men in their twenties. When she said she no longer wanted to see them they handcuffed her and burned her to death and left her disfigured corpse in a field, just as they do with their own women when those women “transgress family honour.” Because he culture had been thoroughly westernized no one bothered to seek revenge and no one wondered ‘why was this 15 year old girl out at 2am in the morning with 25 year old Arab men?’ Liberalism murdered her. It is also responsible for recent revelations about how women were bought and sold for $5,000 from Eastern Europe to work as prostitutes. Is there no new low the liberal-Islamist alliance can subject our women to in our society before we deracinate these twin evils from our midst.

An ignorant racist disgusting individual: President Lula da Silva
March 26, 2009
Seth J. Frantzman

This newsletter has never shied from criticizing the West and Europeans and has, at times, digressed to critique those westerners who believe themselves god-sent to ‘save’ others or arrogantly tell others how to live. But President Lula da Silva, the President of Brazil, took the easy weak way of the world when he said, at a news conference with Gordon Brown on March 26th in Brazil, that “white people with blue eyes” caused the global financial crises.

Really? The head of Citigroup is an Indian, Virkam Pandit. The former CEO of Merril Lynch, Stanley O’Neill was black. PIMCO, which runs the world’s largest bond fund, is run by Mohamed el Arian, an American-Egyptian. A large chunk of Citigroup, some 7 billion initially invested or 4.9% of the company, is owned by an Arab investment fund from the Gulf. Franklin Raines, who is black, ran Fannie Mae1999 to 2004, putting in place many of the mortgage buying policies that actually led to the current crises. Bernie Madoff, who certainly didn’t help the crises, is Jewish. Furthermore it seems ironic that the same conspiracy-theory loving South Americans who hate Jews and blame them for the world financial crises would now turn those Jews, who are depicted as hunchbacked swarthy Orientals, into being ‘white’ with ‘blue eyes’. The truth is that Anglo-Saxons played, at best, a marginal role in the financial institutions that sent the markets cavalcading over a cliff. How many blond men work on Wall Street? Is Deutsh bank behind the crises?

The truth is that Lula de Silva picked out ‘white’ men because they are an easy target. They are the easy thing to blame. Everyone speaks of ‘white privilege’ and ‘white racism’ and ‘white colonialism’ and ‘dead white men’s history’. During the recent bailout bluster some politician even said he would assure the American people that the bailout money wouldn’t go to ‘white men’.

But the real spineless behavior is that of Gordon Brown, representative of the white man whose honour he has done a great disservice by not walking out on this racist, disgusting, rotten, rant. Gordon Brown stood patiently as the racism was issued forth and he pretended as if nothing wrong had been said when his turn came.
Lula de Silva is in fact a white man. He thinks he is a ‘Brazilian’ and he is being a populist by blaming the ‘greedy’ westerners. But he is the white man. He is the face of the whiteness of Brazil, of the white elite that has run that country since its independence. The elite in Brazil are almost exclusively white.

But the greatest hypocrisy of the De Dilva hate speech is that if it were not for white men there would have been no money to whine about losing in a crises. It was those same “white men” who built up the markets, not a bunch of people from Brazil. So they blame the very hand that feeds. That is typical. The day that Brazil’s economy produces one tenth per capita that the American one does, when Brazil stops sending its best students to the U.S and when it stops investing and listing is prominent companies on Wall Street then it can blame the ‘white man’ for a crises that affects them, but so long as they need the white man and live off the very crises that they accuse him of causing they must look to themselves for the blame. But South Americans, like so many of the world’s peoples and minorities in the West will never do that. They will blame others for their problems and they will continue to remain poor. It is not white men that caused the financial crises. In many cases it was prominent successful minorities and immigrants to the West that rose to the top of companies that over stretched themselves. Brazil didn’t participate. It was too busy trying just policing its own streets, with one of the highest murder rates in the world. Now it uses populist racism to complain. That is why it will always be a failure of a country that can only boast of being proud of its half nude women dancing for men on Carnival. Not much to be proud of.

Thugacracy: the U.S Congress in the age of Obama
Seth Frantzman
March 18th, 2009

In October of 2008 Edward Liddy answered the call of his country when we was asked to take over as CEO of AIG for the exorbitant salary of $1 a year. He was a CEO of Allstate insurance from 1999 to 2006. In the fall of the 2009 and in the fallowing months more than a hundred billion dollars were provided to AIG as a lifeline to prevent her falling into bankruptcy. This was pure self interest on the part of the Federal government, attempting to prevent further financial disaster after Lehman Brothers had been allowed to fail. AIG was an architect of its on destruction by writing Credit Default Swaps and other financial instruments that it never fully understood and never accounted for the total liability it would be under were the financial markets to have a hiccup, as they did in September of 2008.

On March 18th, 2009 Edward Liddy was dragged before Congress to address the ‘bonus backlash’ so that U.S congressmen could bully and scream and act out on camera to appear that they are fighting on behalf of the American people. One Congressman said of the AIG employees “You disgust us and you are disgraced professional losers.”
AIG has 116,000 employees. The U.S government is today the largest shareholder of the company. Recently is paid bonuses to more than 100 people, totaling more than $100 million. Some fifty of those employees are not with the company anymore. Prior management put this compensation regime in place as part of a retention system. The unit that helped destroy AIG in fact is receiving numerous bonuses. The unit that destroyed AIG has $1.6 trillion in exposure.

Edward Liddy’s response is clear: had he been in charge such retention bonuses would not have been paid. But The company had contracts with the employees to provide these bonuses and in fact in the industry much of the ‘salary’ of an employee is his bonus.
But now Senators and Congressmen are telling those receiving bonuses that they should commit suicide (Sen. Grasley) and shrill bullying populist low brow congressmen have said they will forcefully get back the bonuses from the employees. As part of the shrill campaign Edward Liddy has received death threats. In America in 2009 that it what you get for serving your country. There was a shameful time when going to risk death for your country meant you were greeted on return by being spat on. But now it is death threats. And those threats are part and parcel of the bullying of the Congress. The same Congressional members who told the American public that Government supported Entities, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, were in stable financial condition just weeks before they were nationalized and stock holders lost everything, the same government that begged Liddy out of retirement to run AIG, is on its high horse. This is America in 2009. No personal responsibility. No modesty. No decorum. Just bullying, like some petty dictator, like a Castro, like a Chavez.

During Edward Liddy’s testimony Code Pink protestors, who had protested the Iraq War, came to the testimony holding signs declaring Liddy a “crook.” The bullies, including Barney Frank who had said Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were secure investments has ordered AIG to provide the names of each person receiving a bonus from AIG to be provided to the Congress. Liddy replied that he had recently received a letter noting that “all the executive and their families should be executed by piano wire…we the people we will see that justice is done.” The Congress caused these threats, and now the same congressmen who incited them want the names and addresses of those receiving bonuses, in order to intimidate and perhaps harm individual Americans. To his credit Liddy has refused. One Congressman, Stephan Lynch of Massachusetts, said “offense was intended” after berating and insulting Liddy.

Have they no shame, these animals that serve in the U.S Congress, these bullies, these thugs, these panderers, these demagogues? Edward Liddy should have resigned immediately after the shameful way in which he was treated by Congress. But he didn’t because he represents the decency of much of America which is today being abused by a government that no longer values personal responsibility or decency or honour. It is a government of the thugs, but the thugs and for the thugs.

There was a time when America made things. Hoover Dam. The Empire State Building. All were constructed quickly. Now it takes years of bureaucracy just to get plans to build a few solar panels in the Mojave desert approved. It has taken 8 years to get the foundations of the ‘Freedom Tower’ built in New York.

It is not the America I grew up in, an America of responsibility and civil conduct. It is a shameful time to be an America. Some people wanted us Americans to be ashamed of Bush and of the War in Iraq. But Bush was contrite and accepted responsibility for that war and mistakes that were made during it. Bush didn’t bully people with shrillness, especially not those asked and begged to come save the economy and the country. The Obama culture of no responsibility and cavalier behavior alongside gutter politics of abuse and threats is a tragedy for America. It is not a culture that will bring the American economy back to its previous 20th century period of greatness anytime soon.

Protest Tourism hurts
Seth J. Frantzman
March 15th, 2009

It should have been just another day in the happy lavish opulent life of Tristan Anderson of Oakland California. Another day of throwing stones and calling people ‘nazi’ and assaulting police officers of a foreign country. It should have been just another day where he woke up, enjoyed coffee in an exotic land and set off to harm people and call people ‘racist’ who he had never met. But March 13th turned out differently than his tourism experience was supposed to. He was hit in the head by a tear gas canister, resulting in head trauma and harm to an eye socket and rushed to hospital, rushed by the very government who he had just been throwing rocks at and calling ‘nazi’.
On March 22nd the parents of Tristan, rather than taking a vacation from their multi-story mansion in Grass Valley, California to meet their son in Europe, since they would never travel to ‘apartheid’ Israel, had to come to the apartheid state to the hospital. The parents said they wanted “justice” for their son. The parents had at their side local extremists such as Michael Sfard, the ever present lawyer of the extreme left in Israel, Anarchists against the Wall and B’Tselem. But Tristan’s parents inadvertently shed light on his life while describing their son; “He has gone to many dangerous places. He went to Iraq during the Second Gulf War, and spent years in Central America right after the civil wars in El Salvador and Guatemala, advocating for social justice." When Tristan's girlfriend came to Israel on a birthright trip, he followed separately to be with her and to understand for himself what the Israeli-Palestinian conflict was about, Sfard said. "It is ironic that the country in which he was shot was a democracy, in which it is supposed to be the duty of everyone to follow their conscience," he said. But why did ‘understanding’ mean ‘hating’ and why did this Tristan feel he had ‘to follow his conscience’ half way around the world and not in his own country?
The existence of the Tristan Anderson is part and parcel of the existence that is the modern world. If one had approached native-Americans in 1405 and asked “do you often travel 3,000 miles to protest and throw rocks at people you’ve never met in the midst of a conflict you have no part in?” they would have replied that they had more important things to do, such as raise children and crops and perhaps even engage in conflicts of their own. Even today in 99% of the world if you asked people if they planned to travel thousands of miles away and protest and throw rocks at people they had never met, whose language and history they had no interest in learning, they would scoff.

But for a select few in the jet set elite societies of the West this is the annual tradition. For some people who don’t have jobs and have wealthy parents there is the opportunity to ‘volunteer’ in a ‘cause’. Then there is the purchasing of the plane tickets and setting off for the exotic foreign destination. Then there is landing at the airport and enjoying the peace and quiet that a foreign government provides the wealthy westerner. Then there is he trip across the country. Then there is meeting the other members of the ‘international’ group. Then there is the trip to the protest area and the throwing of rocks, rocks that can split skulls and kill, and shouting ‘nazi’. Then there is lunch and more rock throwing and then dinner. This is protest tourism.

These people are common in Israel. They come from abroad through the borders or the airport. They demand that the passport checkers not stamp their passports because they don’t want the country’s stamp on their passport. But they happily travel the country’s roads. They readily admit to any locals “I don’t want to learn Hebrew, your language, it’s not important, I am here to protest and maybe learn from Arabic.” They are put up in villas in the West Bank in some ‘refugee camp’. But there life is not that of the ‘refugees’ they romanticize. Instead they come everyday to the Jewish part of the country, the part they call ‘apartheid’ and they dance in its night clubs and drink its alcohol and frequent its theaters. But nightlife is one thing, during the day the protest begins. They wear their khaffiya, not distinguishing between the red or the white or the blue one, not even bothering to learn the difference, because it is part of fashion, not tradition.

What is most disturbing of all is to think of them, rocks in hand, about to throw the rocks at people they call ‘nazi’. These Nazis are people, sometimes their age, but from much less privileged backgrounds. What is amazing to think is that this wealthy protestor from the west might very well throw the rock that could well blind some poor immigrant to Israel. One can imagine the scenario where some Ethiopian immigrant, drafted to serve in the IDF, might be hit in the head by the rock thrown by the wealthy westerner from California. That is in essence the arrogance and evil of this tourism. It is the tourism of colonialism where the wealthy go to other countries and assault poor people for fun and call it ‘justice’ and ‘human rights’.

And the protest tourists are front page news when their pre-pubescent metrosexual flaccid bodies are harmed. Tristan Anderson’s harm was reported on Skynews on March 15th, 2009 and it was in the New York Times and International Herald Tribune the same day under the headline of ‘American harmed in protest.’

The Tristan Andersons and all their counterparts deserve exactly what they get. It is too bad more of them do not end up like their former companions Rachel Corrie and John Hurndall, two other protest tourists who died in Gaza. Their deaths or harm should not be mourned. These people are part of sickening and disgusting phenomenon of the wealthy going to the poor countries and harming the poor, arrogantly taking advantage of other countries and cultures and spitting on those cultures, supporting and excusing terrorism and the murder of civilians, shouting hate and racist things, enjoying the double standards and the needs of their western lifestyle while allying with religious extremists, and sticking their noses in conflicts that have nothing to do with them and they have no right or reason to take part in. The West is a failure, its entire ideology and foundations are a failure because it encourages and makes logical this kind of behavior, it in fact celebrates and rewards it as ‘heroic’ and there is no greater hero in the West than some young student who goes to some foreign land to ‘fix it’. The West, which can’t fix its own problems, exports them overseas by the tens of thousands every year, as extremist western students roam the globe encouraging terrorism and murder and ethnic-slaughter. Rachel Corrie and John Hurndall were killed by Arab members of the IDF, Bedouins in fact. They died at the hands of the poor, those who went to the army to earn some money and increase their opportunities. They died at the hands of the poor, the people these animals, these beasts like Tristan Anderson, would never have deigned to meet. For all their rhetoric about poverty and justice the Andersons only meet the elites of the societies they claim to support. I’ve seen them again and again, sipping their coffee in west Jerusalem, flagrantly wearing the khaffiya, the symbol of murder and terror, in the very places once blown up by terrorists. I’ve seen them encourage radicalism among the people, the Palestinians, they come to love and support. I’ve seen it with my own eyes. And when one sees it with their own eyes, the idea that someone can come to a foreign country and throw rocks and encourage the murder of people they would never deign to meet, that is the most terrible thing. There can be no justice than that they should leave the place they came to as tourists on a stretcher, born ironically by the very people they call ‘nazi’. For there is no greater evil in the modern world than that a person can go play at conflict, play at war and expect that those he calls ‘nazi’ one minute will have to transport his body t be worked on by doctors for free because he has gotten himself hurt in the play-war. He lays today at Sheba Medical Center at Tel Hashomer in Israel, no doubt the poor nurses who must help him with his pain are relatives of those poor men drafted to serve in the IDF that he threw rocks at. He will receive better medical care than those soldiers as well. That is the evil of the modern world. That people can play at protest, can throw rocks and can expect that those they one minute tried to murder must help them just because of their country of origin and that they should receive better medical treatment and world press attention than the people they tried to murder. Absolutely sickening. The Palestinians can be forgiven for wanting to protest and fight. But no forgiveness can ever be found for those that play at terror and war and murder and protest as part of summer break or as part of tourism. No sympathy. Not one ounce. No sympathy for those wealthy who throw rocks at the poor. No sympathy for the western man who throws rocks at some poor African immigrant. No sympathy for those who harm and hate. No sympathy for Tristan Anderson and all the Tristan Andersons in this world.

The satanic treatment of women: The West and Islam
Seth J. Frantzman
March 30th, 2009

In April of 2006 Ahmed Abu Mussa (24) and Muhammad Abed Alazziz el-Huzeil (27) from the town of Rahat picked up 15 year old Mika Dabab Tagapao, an Ethiopian girl from Kiryat Gat, from a nightclub in Ashdod. She had apparently been ‘dating’ both of them with both of their knowledge. She had gone that night to the club and apparently told them she didn’t want to see them anymore. She was taken to a field outside Rahat. She was handcuffed, beaten and gasoline was poured on her. She was burned to death. A few days later boys found her remains. Police were unable to identify the body, given its state and only when the girl was reported missing did they figure out the truth. It took two months to bring the Bedouin Arab Muslims to justice. Given the state of the justice system in Israel, which models itself on a liberal western democracy, they will receive a few years in prison.

The way these two grown men treated this teenage girl is emblematic of Islam. In Somalia in October of 2008 a 13 year old girl who had been raped was taken to a field, buried up to her neck and stoned to death by grown men. The judge, Sheikh Hayakallah stressed that this was Sharia law. The immorality inherent in all this is clear. The Muslim man rapes a teenage girl in Somalia. In Israel the men trade a girl back and forth using her like a sex toy. When the society is done with this woman it disposes of her in a brutal manner. That is the evil that is practiced by one part of the world.
But in the West. How is the woman disposed of there? A report today in Haaretz reveals much about the matter. In it we learn that a prostitution ring “brought hundreds of women from the former Soviet Union to Israel via Egypt. They allegedly sold the women to brothels for between $5,000 and $7,000 each…The indictment states that in one case the suspects told the woman she was being brought to Israel to care for the elderly, and in another, that she would be a waitress. Saban [a pimp] is suspected of holding a gun to the head of one woman, kicking and punching her.” That is the way of the West in regards to women. And is it so much less brutal?

No. The West is as brutal a machine to women as Islam. Let us analyze, for instance, the tale of the Ethiopian girl mentioned above. She was eleven when she came to Israel. She didn’t know, then, that she had just four years to live before being handcuffed, beaten and burned to death. I guess if she had known this perhaps she would not have wanted to ‘live the dream’ of coming to Israel from Africa, coming to what is basically a Western country from an African one. But like those western women in Moldova and Ukraine her choices determined her destiny. Liberalism determined her destiny. Liberalism took her from a reasonably simple, traditional society (although not an Islamic one where they stone rape victims to death), and provided her with the feminist rhetoric of ‘empowerment’ and ‘live your life freely’. Liberalism told the male members of her family not to keep their daughters home or protect them or guard their honour.

Liberalism said: women must be free at all costs, send them out alone at 15 to night clubs to drink in some other town. Don’t bother to care if they come home at all hours of the night. Don’t discipline them. Don’t care what they wear around town. Women are free. And free she was. She was free for four years. She was free and her freedom took her to the handcuffs and the field and the gasoline and the agonizing death. And one wonders, in those moments of death, did she wonder if liberalism had been the correct path in life. Did her parents ever wonder if following the liberal model was the correct path? Where was the community? Where were the brothers and uncles and cousins to seek revenge, to kidnap an Arab and handcuff him to a fence and set him on fire. I guess if it had been a black girl in the U.S tortured and burned to death by two white men then the entire African American community and Jesse Jackson would be marching. But liberalism brainwashed and destroyed these Ethiopians and it took only four years to destroy them. Four years. Not generations. Recall liberalism and its message: no judging, no racism, no stereotypes. That’s right. So the next women to meet Mr. Ahmed Abu Mussa and Muhammad Abed Alazziz el-Huzeil would also date them and let herself be turned into a sex toy for their pleasure and then be taken by them in a car and handcuffed and burned to death. But that is the West. That is what it does to women. That is what has happened to women. It is why women are bought and sold throughout the world and why western men themselves engage in the purchasing of women and in fact go on ‘sex tours’. Why not. That is the western message.

Let us just give one example. Along the Rue d’Aerschot near Gare du Nord in Brussels the windows are stocked with women, not mannequins, real women who sell themselves, like merchandise, as prostitutes. This is the West. This is the height of is civilization. This is it at its more ‘open’ and ‘free’. But freedom is slavery. It is not only slavery for these women but for the entire soul of the people of the West who allow this to continue. How can we say that our West is better than Saudi Arabia where the women are covered head to toe so that no one may see them. What is the difference between the society that values the woman nude in the window on sale and the society that values her covered head to toe. Neither values her as a human. Both turn her into chattel. So in our society she is bought and sold for $5,000. How much is her dowry in a Muslim society. Probably as much per capita if not more. So in on society they bury her and stone her and another she is handcuffed and burned to death. She dies at 13 as a slave or at 15 as a sex toy. So what? What is the difference?
The Western Woman: On sale for $5,000

The message of the West and of Islam are dehumanizing messages that destroy the soul of humanity. Everytime another honour killing happens in the West it is blood on the hands of the West and liberalism which tries to ‘accept other cultures’. Everytime some western woman converts to Islam and covers her hair and allows herself to be imprisoned it is a shame on the West, a testimony to the West’s unique stupidity. Every time the West allows Islamic religious instruction in its schools, as is done in Germany, and allows ‘culture’ to be an excuse in court and allows Shariah law to arbitrate domestic violence, as is done in England, it is a shame and a stain on the West. Only by ridding the West of its liberalistic influences, its moral-relativism, can it be saved. It is these things that have turned women into objects, it is these things that dishonor people and have turned fathers and brothers not into protectors of their sisters and daughters but into their virtual pimps, who abandon them and care not about them.

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