Monday, November 9, 2009

Terra Incognita 100 The Fort Hood Massacre and U.S Post-Humanism

Terra Incognita
Issue 100

“Written to enlighten, guaranteed to offend”

A Publication of Seth J. Frantzman
Jerusalem, Israel


November 9, 2009

1) Déjà vu all over Again: Post-Humanism and the Fort Hood shooting: The Fort Hood massacre has all the hallmarks of a typical Islamist terrorist incident and tells us much about the post-human liberal world we live in. It includes the typical devices of liberals: Anti-racism as an excuse not to police people, support for terrorism by not wanting to offend others, different standards for different people based solely on ideas of victimhood, turning the perpetrator into the victim, disregard for the actual victims. All were present when Major Hasan walked onto Fort Hood army base and gunned down 13 men and women from different religious and ethnic backgrounds. Major Hasan murdered diversity and engaged in terrorism because those at the temple of post-humanism would not secure citizens in their own country in the name of not offending others.

Déjà vu all over again: The Fort Hood shooting
Seth J. Frantzman

The dead in the Fort Hood Massacre are: Michael Grant Cahill (62), Major L Eduardo Caraveo (52), Staff Sgt Justin M DeCrow (32), Capt John P Gaffaney (56), Spc. Frederick Greene (29), Spc. Jason Dean Hunt (22), Sgt Amy Krueger (29), Pfc. Aaron Thomas Nemelka (19), Pfc. Michael Pearson (22), Capt Russell Seager, (41), Pvt Francheska Velez (21), Lt Col Juanita Warman (55), and Spc. Kham Xiong (23).
The two policemen who ended the massacre were: Police Sergeant Kimberly Munley Sergeant Mark Todd.

Another mass murder. Another time when we must learn all the details about the “cause” and “reasons” behind the man who murdered people. Another time when the religious community and ideology that spawned the murder is said to be the “victim”, rather than the actual victims. Another time when we learn nothing about the victims, who become another nameless number. Another terrorist act which isn’t called “terrorism”. Another long list of excuses about the “motives” so that by the time you finish hearing them you believe that the killer was actually the real victim because he faced “harassment” or “stress” or “trauma” or “discrimination”.

The November 10th issue of the New York Times explained that despite the fact that the murdered shouted “God is Great (Allahu Akhbar)” as he shot unarmed people down, that he was not motivated by religion. He was a solitary individual. And if we read the rest of the details that the media is telling us we learn more about the supposed victimhood of the murderer. He was supposedly called a “camel jockey” by fellow soldiers. Supposedly he suffered from stress, despite the fact that it was his job as an army psychiatrist to help others with that problem.

We learn other things as well. When the murders became public knowledge on Thursday, November 5th the news media, including Fox News refused to name the killer. The Fox news commentators even admitted “we have a name, but we don’t want to share it, we don’t want people to jump to conclusions, we want to be sure this is the right name, because this name means a lot…” What they meant was that Major Nidal Malik Hasan, the murderer and terrorist, was the name and that his name might lead one to conclude that he was a Muslim. But in order to ensure us that he wasn’t a “real” Muslim, Fox News originally informed the public that in fact he was a convert. It was only after a phone call from his cousin that the media admitted that, Mr. Hasan was in fact a real Muslim, born of a Muslim father.

Outside the major media outlets one can learn a few more details about the life of Mr. Hasan. He attended the Dar al Hijrah mosque in Falls Church, Virginia. The same mosque was attended by at least two 9/11 hijackers (Hizmi and Hanjour and perhaps Midhar). The radical preacher of the mosque, Anwar al –Awlaki (Aulaqi) also knew one of the 9/11 hijackers.

It gets better. During the 2007-2008 year Mr. Hasan had shared his anti-American views with students at a military college (whose name has as yet not been released by the FBI). He supported suicide bombing and said Shariah law should supplant the Constitution. The FBI, of course, did nothing because it did not want to be accused of profiling Muslims in the American military. The FBI was aware that a man called Nidal Hasan had compared the “heroics” of suicide bombing to the heroism of a soldier who throws himself on a grenade. He said “If one suicide bomber can kill 100 enemy soldiers because they were caught off guard that would be considered a strategic victory.” The FBI did not question the Major or keep any tabs on him. For these reasons the Major purchased handguns unimpeded in Texas, said his goodbyes to his friends, gave away all of his furniture to a neighbor and got onto the Fort Hood base, where he worked, with his weapons, which were not supposed to be in his possession on the base.
The Army, prior to the Major’s murdering of its members, had been good to him. He had enlisted as a teenager and it had paid his way through college at Virginia Tech and for training as a psychiatrist at Bethesda’s Uniformed Services University. He was then given the soft job of being a psychiatrist at Walter Reed medical center. He rose quickly through the ranks and as a Major, after receiving several less than great reviews, was sent to Fort Hood Darnell Army Medical Center.

Major Hasan’s family were Palestinians from the Jerusalem area. One of his brothers apparently still lives there. He supposedly became “more devout” after the death of his parents, who had both prospered in the U.S, owning a restaurant and other businesses.
We learn from reports that Hasan was not a very good psychiatrist, that he himself needed counseling. It is not clear but his hatred of the mission the soldiers were carrying out in Iraq and his support of their murder by suicide bombers may not have helped his job in counseling them for PTSD (Post-traumatic stress disorder). Whatever the case, when he was informed that he would be sent to Iraq he hired a lawyer to get out of his service. However the military, which had paid for his two degrees, would not let him leave. Finally they said he would only be deployed to Afghanistan, not Iraq, in deferential treatment to his sensibilities as a Muslim Arab.

Let us review the things Mr. Hasan received in life. His parents were immigrants who came to the U.S and became middle class. The son received two degrees for free. He was given a good job in the army and allowed to remain near home. He progressed through the ranks faster than other individuals even though he received low grades on reviews by superiors. Affirmitive action by those in the Military who wanted to show that the U.S army is good to Muslims helped him succeed. When he was set to be deployed he, unlike the million other soldiers in the army who have seen action in Iraq, received special treatment as a Muslim and was told he would go to a different location. He was allowed, through free speech, to encourage the murder of the same troops he was supposed to counsel. The FBI did not investigate his pro-terror views or his connections to 9/11 hijackers because he was a Muslim and the FBI didn’t want to be perceived as racist. Even the police officers who ended the rampage suffered from a bit of liberalism. After Hasan was wounded soldiers shouted “give him two more” to finish him off but the police officer didn’t. He handcuffed the wounded terrorist. It is a shame, while liberalism says people should’nt “confirm the kill”, this is the best method, by leaving the terrorist alive one must then spend more public money (as if enough hasn’t been wasted on Mr. Hasan) to put him on trial and keep him in prison.

Mr. Hasan prosletyzed t the patients he “counseled.” He wore a white robe type and headcovering as is typical among religious Muslims (although usually only for peasants in Egypt, Saudis and Imams, Mr. Hasan evidently wore it to express himself and because he knew it would shield him from criticism because people would fear profiling a Muslim). While at Fort Hood for the few months he was stationed there he attended a strip club regularly and purchased lap dances, as did most religious-terrorist Muslims such as the 9/11 hijackers (Muslims who critique the west complain about its decadence but it is the most extreme of them who enjoy that decadence the most, the ‘hook’ Imam in London Abu Hamza was a bouncer for a strip club, all the 9/11 hijackers attended them and Saudi royalty usually hire retinues of them when they travel, it is part of the larger Islamist hypocrisy where men do as they please but expect Muslim women to be “moral” all the while the Islamist-Muslim male engages western women in acts of immorality, immorality the Western women supports because she herself is usually blind to hypocrisy and is told by society not to be “racist” against the “other”).

After murdering 13 people and wounding 29, all of whome were unarmed and some of whome were civilians he was hospitalized at an army hospital where he now received free medical care from the same army he tried to murder. As for November 9th few people in the U.S or the world know the names of the victims. However the secretary of the army, a general, has said that the real message of the massacre is that Muslims might face a backlash. Secretary of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano, has warned that she was “part of efforts to reassure the Arab world that US authorities were taking measures to quell anti-Islam sentiments after last week's rampage by an American-born Muslim serving as US Army psychiatrist. “ when speaking of the tragedy she noted “this was a terrible tragedy for all involved…obviously we object to [the fact] that any anti-Muslim sentiment should emenate from this” she said in Dubai while on a trip. So the tragedy is actually the anti-Muslim sentiment, not the murder by a Muslim fanatic of 13 people. She then noted that “her agency is working with state and local groups to try to deflect any anti-Muslim anger.”

General George Casey, the U.S Army Chief of Staff, has instructed soldiers to be on the lookout for anti-Muslim reaction. He said it was “important not to get caught up in speculation” about Major Hasan’s Muslim faith.” He claimed that ‘focusing on the Islamic roots of the gunmen “could heighten backlash” and that “diversity” gives the military strength.

So let’s understand this. The FBI didn’t investigate Hasan because it feared it would be called “racism.” But this allowed Hasan to engage in his own racist murder of non-Muslims, his own murdering of diversity since he gunned down Asians, Hispanics and whites simply because they were’nt Muslim. Thus in pursuit of protecting “diversity” the post-humanists ensure the murdering of that same diversity at the hands of the extremist.

The Army, whose security at Fort Hood was lazy and which could have prevented this massacre by investigating the complaints of soldiers who had received “treatment” by Hasan, has said that the real threat is anti-American backlash. Homeland Security, whose job it is to protect Americans from people like Major Hasan has said that the real victims are Muslims, not the 13 people who were massacred. Had Homeland Security, the FBI and the Army not been obsessed with “diversity” and fearful of being called racist and done their jobs in terms of security than the massacre would have been prevented. Mr. Hasan would be in prison and discharged from the army and 13 people would be alive. Instead what has happened is that liberal let the rot set in and everyone said “I don’t have this hot potato” and passed the buck, even transferring Mr. Hasan rather than punishing him and than giving him more second chances by letting him choose where to be deployed to because of his religion. The agencies and government discriminated in favor of Mr. Hasan, but his pistols did not discriminate when they gunned our soldiers down. The government now claims the “real” victims are American Muslims and the supposed backlash they might receive. This is liberal at its height. It doesn’t do anything to protect the lives of the citizen and then when the citizen is dead it feels sorry for the person who murdered him. Good police work and a color-blind system would have caught Mr. Hasan, instead the same liberalism that created Hasan and let him run wild is the same one that now whines about a backlash, a backlash that doesn’t exist, solely to transfer blame to others.

It may be a supreme irony that the same Homeland Security that refuses to even examine American Muslims for terror potential, a year ago warned that the real terrorism might come from right wing Christian “militias” and discharged soldiers. Homeland Security wasn’t afraid to tar all American Christians veterans as potential terrorists. Had Mr. Hasan been a right wing Christian, rather than a right wing Muslim, would General Casey and Janet Napolitano warn about an anti-Christian backlash? Or would good police work have uncovered a psychiatrist who praised the murder of soldiers on the internet and to fellow soldiers and who gave away all his furniture and purchased two pistols and drove with them onto the base? 13 people are dead because of liberalism, because of the coddling of Muslims, because of General Casey and Janet Napolitano. That is why they are dead. They are dead because of the FBI. The backlash should’nt just be against the extremists at the Falls Church Mosque, but against the government in general which dispatched our people to war and then doesn’t defend them at home, which disarms our soldiers on their bases but lets the terrorist come on the base with his guns, which send our quiet men and women to war but when they whine and complain and have lawyers they get their pick at where and when they are deployed. There should be a backlash, and it should be broad and deep.