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Kurt Waldheim and the Russians in 1945

Frantzman Weekly Newsletter 35
Why the Russians were right in 1945: Human rights and war-crimes colonialism in 2007
Seth J. Frantzman
June 23rd, 2007

In Serbia Carla Del Ponte, a white westerner and prosecutor for the International criminal court, tramps around lecturing Serbs, demanding they catch war criminals and deploring their ‘slow progress’, threatening to suspend Serbia’s ability to join ‘the family of nations’ in the EU. In Cambodia Robert Petit, a white Canadian, sits as the head of a U.N tribunal of white men and a few token Cambodians and he deplores how slow Cambodia is to bring the Khmer Rouge to justice for its genocide in the 1970s. He lectures the Asians, demanding they move faster and do as they are told. In Sierra Leone, Stephen Rapp, who formerly led the International War Crimes Tribunal in Rwanda and the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda, serves as head of the Special Court for Sierre Leone as the U.N’s chief prosecutor. There he runs a court of blacks who he demands move faster in prosecuting war criminals. However he has gained much fame of late for winning a case against three ‘warlords’ in Sierre Leone who were accused of using ‘child soldiers’.
Meanwhile at the Hague Charles Taylor, kidnapped by white Europeans a year ago, sits in prison refusing to testify in his own trial against him, which accuses him of war crimes in his home country of Liberia. Taylor may recall that Slobodan Milosevic was mysteriously found dead on March 12th, 2006 after rotting in the International Criminal Court’s jail since 2001. CNN informed its readers that day that the ‘Butcher of the Balkans’ was found dead just weeks before the conclusion of his trial. Taylor has said he knows he cannot receive a fair trial from the U.N tribunal. A week before Milosevic died another Serb, Milan Babic, was mysteriously found dead of ‘suicide’.

Meanwhile Kurt Waldheim died peacefully at his home on the 14th of June, 2007. Kurt, Austrian, had joined the German Army in 1941, like most Austrians who sympathized and supported the Nazi cause. He served for four years as a professional Nazi officer. He was stationed in Bosnia where he served under General Lohr and took part in Operation Kozara, where up to a hundred thousand Serbs were murdered by the Nazis. Later he was sent to Thesaloniki in Greece where he helped murder the last remaining Jews after 40,000 had been deported to Auschwitz. In 1944 Waldheim personally oversaw the distribution of anti-Semitic material on the Russian front where civilians were encouraged to “kill the Jews.” He led an eventful life, beginning as Austria’s first former Nazi to represent the country to the U.N in 1964 he was elected Secretary General of the U.N in 1971, becoming the first Nazi to run the U.N. He served until 1982 and became president of Austria in 1986. During his tenure he made sure that when he visited the Holocaust memorial in Israel, Yad Vashem, he didn’t wear a Yarmulke(Kippah, skullcap) like everyone else, pretending that he didn’t want to seem partisan, but actually betraying his hatred of the Jews. When he died he was eulogized by leftists and liberals and Nazis worldwide. Tom Segev eulogized that “it may be said that Waldheim died a liar, not a murderer…one way or another - whether he was a murderer or just a liar – they [the Jews who accused him of being a Nazi] managed to make his life miserable until the day he died. That was his punishment.” Waldheim was a victim. A victim of being accused of being a Nazi, even though he actually was one. So Waldhiem joins Eichmann, as yet another Nazi that leftists such as Hannah Arendt and Eyal Sivan have tried to make clean, dull, banal and not responsible for their actions.

But Waldhiem wasn’t the only Nazi roaming free in Europe for the last 60 years. Former SS officer Erich Priebke was free under ‘house arrest’ in Italy since being extradited from Argentina in 1995. He had only ordered the killing of 335 people in the Ardeatine caves. As an Italian lawyer explained, “the Italian justice system is about rehabilitation, not revenge,” so the Nazi was was being rehabilitated, he is 93, but he certainly should’nt be punished. Literally thousands of former Nazis, officers and high level staff clerks and camp guards and camp camandants ran free in Europe and the world over the last 60 years. When caught they were almost always released for being ‘too old’.
If one studies the history of the European aspect of prosecuting former Nazis it is always the same story. There is first the extremely slow and plodding justice system in Europe, where it becomes almost impossible to bring the Nazis to trial due to extradition and other procedural matters. Then there is the long trial and the appeals. Finally the rulings usually find that the former Nazis are ‘too old’ and they are sentenced to a short term in prison followed by house arrest or are given freedom due to their old age and the European feeling that it would be ‘unjust’ to punish them at such an old age. Certainly they shouldn’t suffer, they only killed millions of people. After all, the European justice system is not about ‘revenge’.

But if Nazis, who are real war criminals, are allowed to roam free, and even allowed to run the U.N and become the president of European countries, why are white Europeans tramping around the world schooling Asians and blacks about ‘war crimes’? Why are there people like Carla Del Ponte lecturing Eastern European states about ‘corruption’ and ‘non-compliance’ and demanding they ‘speed things up’? Why was the trial of Milosevic so much about revenge for his crimes?

It is not a coincidence that wherever there are ‘war crimes tribunals’ there are also white people. And wherever these things exist there are always Europeans. It is not a coincidence that while the U.N must colonize half the world with its expensive SUV’s and its wealthy compounds and its soldiers who trade food aid for sexual favor, that in Europe in conflict areas such as the Basque areas, there are no U.N troops.

There is one standard for Europeans and another standard for everyone else. The Europeans were the Nazis. It was Europeans from all over Europe, from Italy to France to Germany to Austria, to Hungary that joined the Nazi parties and collaborated with the Nazis. It was Europeans who murdered some 10 million civilians between 1939 and 1945. But ever since then Europeans have spent the next sixty years lecturing the world about human rights. Europeans with blood on their hands. Kurt Waldheim himself ran the U.N and lectured people on ending conflicts, and he was up to his knees in the blood of civilians. The U.N itself is largely a construct of Nazism and Leftism. Does that sound far fetched? Kurt Waldheim was not only a Nazi but a Socialist as well, and lest we forget, Nazis were ‘national’ Socialists.

Why does it take a white face to know justice? Can only white people determine right and wrong? Must one have a name like Steven, or Kurt, or Robert or Carla, to know the difference between right and wrong? In 1945 it was not just the western Europeans who understood ‘justice’. In fact those who handed out justice most effectively and most efficiently were people with the name Ivan and Dmitri and Constantine. It was the Soviet Red Army that meted out justice in the correct manner. The Soviets killed all the Nazis they came across. There were no trials, there were no fake tribunals. There was no ‘human rights’ and there was no sympathy. The SS officers who were captured by the Soviets were lined up, forced to dig their own graves, just as they had done to their victims, and they were gunned down like the dogs they were. There was no wincing among the Soviet high command. There was no moralizing. After all, the deaths of 20 million Russians compared to the mass execution of 10-20,000 Nazi officers and politicians was hardly comparable. The Soviets meted out justice in the non-western way. They didn’t need former Nazis like Waldheim to advise them how. They didn’t need the children of Nazis to advise them how. They didn’t need the grandchildren of Nazis to advise them how. They didn’t need all the former collaborators now ‘socialists’ in Europe to advise them how. They didn’t need all those countries whose leaders and populations sat silent between 1939 and 1945 in the face of the Holocaust, such as Ireland and Sweden, to advise them how. The Russians did the right thing in 1945. They killed and murdered, and slaughtered and butchered the Nazis. If only the Russians had caught Waldheim. If only they had caught SS officer Erich Priebke. Oh, but Mr. Priebke would’nt be riding on his scooter today saying how he was ‘forced’ to murder 300 people. Mr. Priebke would be six feet under ground in the Ukraine somewhere, in an unmarked grave. There would be no protests outside his house, there would be no fancy Italian lawyer talking about the wrong of ‘revenge’. Mr. Priebke might have been taken to a cave, much like the one he marched his victims to. He might have been made to dig a little in the icy ground. He might have been kicked in the face and had his knees brocken. He might have begged for his life. He might have cried. He might have claimed that he was ‘just taking orders’. But there would have been no sympathy for him from the jury consisting not of his western European white peers, but of hardened Soviet soldiers. And he would have been shot. And left for dead. And that would have been justice. If only the Soviets had not stopped at Berlin, if they had cleansed the rest of Europe of its Nazis past. How tragic that the Europeans would have had to live under Moscow’s rule. But it was Europe that waved the Nazi flag wasn’t it? It was Europe that turned its back in 1941 and supported evil. It has been Europe for the last 60 years that has colonized the world and shaken its fingers at the world’s peoples lecturing them about ‘justice’ and ‘human rights’. But under every European house is the rotting corpses of Europe’es foul history, its stench, its hateful, genocidal past. Under the house of Robert Petit and Stephen Rapp and Carla Del Ponte, under the house of every westerner who works for the U.N is the body of the past, the evil and hideous and hateful past of the westerner and his lies and his colonialism and his endless attempts to tell other people how to live. Charles Taylor is right, he cannot get a fair trial at the U.N. Its not just his skin color. Its becaue he wasn’t a Nazi. If Charles was just 40 years older he could have served with Eichmann and Waldhiem and Priebke and then Mr. Taylor would be free today and he could dress like one of those elderly Africans with a big hat and a walking stick and no one would bother him. Oh but Mr. Taylor, you were born to late, you were born in the era of European human rights colonialism. So you will rot in jail, and there will be no sympathy and justice for you from the white man.

According to the modern European, the world is a bunch of children, especially Africans who are all considered child-like, and thus white Europeans must re-colonize Africa through their ‘war crimes tribunals’. While Nazis roam free in Europe, Charles Taylor must rot in prison. But Taylor did no worse than Waldheim. So why not elect Taylor head of the U.N?

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