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Quadrumvirate of Evil

Quadrumvirate of Evil: The media, the international community, Islamism and human rights activists

Seth J. Frantzman
August 2nd, 2007

A recent article entitled ‘Bosnia changes its mind on foreign fighters’ by Nicholas Wood, which appeared in the Herald Tribune on August 2nd, 2007, illustrates the main problem that the world has in confronting Islamism, terrorism, genocide and human rights abuses. The story goes something like this. From the late 1980s to the mid 1990s a large number of Muslims from throughout the world made their way to Bosnia. Some initially came for disparate reasons, such as Iraqis avoiding the draft in the Iran-Iraq war. But after the Yugoslavian wars of secession broke out in the early 1990s many of the Arabs and other Muslims who arrived came for Jihad. They believer their fellow Muslims were fighting a ‘defensive Jihad’ and many of these fighters were veterans of the wars in Afghanistan, Lebanon and Algeria. For them the Jihad would mean the continuing fight against non-Muslims. Whatever they tell the media and whatever lies they told themselves these men, and they were all men, came for one reason: to kill, to murder non-Muslims, to murder infidels and kaffirs.

They succeeded splendidly in murdering as many Serbs and Croats as possible. They were the most fanatical and devoted members of the Bosnian paramilitary forces. They were renowned for their brutality and ‘efficiency’ in cleansing Bosnia of its minorities. They were also influential in making Bosnia more religious, leading to an Islamic revival which ahs swept Bosnia and Albania and the Muslim minorities of Serbia in places such as Sanjak.

The article would not have told the reader any of this. One has to read to between the lines or do some independent investigating to learn what really took place. According to the article these Arabs are all victims, like all Arabs in the world. The story, as Mr. Wood informs us, is tragic. These poor Arabs came to Bosnia to start a new life in 1994. They happened to arrive in a warzone and according to Raffaq Jalili “I didn’t know there was a country called Bosnia-Herzegovina.” But his sentiments betray his lies. Mr. Jalili, along with other suspiciously named Arab men such as Imad al Hussein and Fadhil Hamdani, realized, according to Mr. Wood, “it was only natural to fight for his adopted country.” So although he didn’t know where he was, he was perfectly willing to take up arms for it. Obviously Mr. Jalili is lying and Mr. Wood is covering up his true motives.

His motives are revealed in other passages. Mr. Hussein, speaking on the possibility that he may be deported from Bosnia, claims that “I keep asking myself, will I be able to contain my instincts…if you defend yourself on your doorstep you become a martyr and that is a great temptation.” Mr. Hussein is, so Mr. Wood wants us to think, an innocent man, but one wonders, if he is so innocent why is martyrdom the first thing on his mind. Millions of people are deported from places every week and 99.99% of them don’t believe they need to be ‘martyrs’ to oppose deportation. Imagine if all the Mexicans deported everyday from the U.S decided to be martyrs and die on their ‘doorsteps’?
But Mr. Wood cannot betray the truth completely. He informs us that most of these peace-lovers were residing in Zenica which was “a hub of ma mujahideen community.”
Imad al Hussein became “the public face of the Muslim fighters, or mujahideen, after the war.” We also learn that “between 1996 and 2001, many of the former [Arab] fighters occupied Bocinja, which had been a Serbian village in central Bosnia. The fighters lived there under sharia law until they were evicted by the government and they dispersed throughout Bosnia.”

Wait a sec. Did we read that correctly. These men came from all over the Arab and Muslim world, thousands of them flocked to a foreign land, they cleansed a village of its former inhabitants and set up a legal system for themselves. What does this sound like. Well in 1492 a pleasant Genoese captain sailed a few fellow believers across the ocean and set up a small town in a foreign land after kicking out t he natives. That was called imperialism and colonialism. Oddly enough, when Arabs do the same thing in Europe it is just a bunch of nice peaceful people who happened to arrive their by mistake. Its odd, considering the fact that these same peaceful Muslims all whine and complain that Israel is doing just that in the West Bank, it is ‘settling’ on ‘Arab’ land. Isn’t that what they accuse of Israel of doing in 1948, ‘ethnic-cleansing’ Palestinians? But those Arabs didn’t seem to have much guilt over going a thousand miles to a completely different culture and massacring the local Christians and taking over their villages and setting up their Muslim law and, no doubt, building mosques atop the churches.

But the Arab Muslims Mujahideen or holy warriors are the victims. Mr. Wood writes, concerning the current Bosnian government’s attempt to et rid of their murderers, that “ostensibly, the government’s grounds for removing the veterans’ citizenship are technical…[Jalili’s] years of living in Bosnia seemed to count for little.” Indeed the Crusaders’ years of living in the Holy Land from 1099 to 1230 also counted for little when Saladin removed them. The English colonists who settled the ‘white highlands’ in Kenya and the French Pied Noirs in Algeria also found their ‘years of living’ counted for little. Why is it that when Muslims decide to go-a-colonizing we are expected to feel sorry for them if they are removed from their imperialistic dreamlands?

Of course its not just Mr. Wood and the media that feel sorry for the 420 Arab Muslims who have so far been put on a list for deportation from Bosnia. We are informed that “international officials here concede that there is nothing linking any of the former veterans to terrorist activity.” A “Western diplomat” supports the cause of the poor Arab Mujahideen. But the alliance of the media and the international community with these Islamists is not enough. It turns out that there are “concerns among human rights groups that the deportees could face ill treatment in their countries of origin.”

The Quadrumvirate of Evil works very efficiently whenever it turns out there is Islamist terrorism. Between 1994 and 1998 when the Mujahideen arrived in Bosnia and succeeded in ethnically-cleansing 150,000 Serbs and murdering another 50,000, the human rights groups, the media, and the international community supported Bosnia and accused the Serbs of ‘ethnic-cleansing’. The international community and Nato bombed the Serbs into submission. The international community then colonized Bosnia by sending pro-consuls there to run the new country. Meanwhile, under their noses, the Mujahideen colonized former Serb villages. They enforced their Shariah law. Then they began exporting terrorism. They have been linked to every major terrorist network operating in Western Europe and the U.S. They have served as a conduit for other Islamists to arrive in Europe. Bosnia provides safe houses and even training for Muslims interested in committing terrorism. From time to time these networks have been uncovered and this has led the Bosnian government, which is Muslim, to want them deported.

But then the same Human rights organizations and international community and media organizations that brought these mujahideen to Bosnia and called them freedom fighters work to keep them there. This is always how terrorism succeeds in establishing itself. This is the model the foreign volunteers, among them Bin Laden, used to set up a mini-state in Afghanistan and Sudan. It is the same model used in Kashmir. It is the model used in Indonesia, southern Thailand and the Philippines. It is also the model used in Western Europe. Once the terrorists get in it becomes impossible to remove them or fight them or deport them because they “might face torture in their home countries.” This is a brilliant tactic.

In the Second World War many people of German ancestry answered the Fatherland’s call to return and fight for Lebensraum, living space. American Germans returned, Germans from the Baltic states, Germans from Poland, Germans in Austria, Germans in the Sudetenland in Czechoslovakia, Germans in Hungary and Germans in Russia and Rumania. These Germans formed the bulk of the S.S volunteers and were responsible for the most horrific crimes of the war, in among other places, Bosnia and Serbia, where they murdered 10% of the Serbian nation, in addition to mention the 6 million Jews they also murdered. After the war the Soviets came to control many of the countries from which these Germans had left to volunteer in Hitler’s legions. Many of these Germans were repatriated between 1945 and 1950 to their home countries, where they faced trials for crimes against humanity. Many of these S.S officers were executed by the Soviets. There was no ‘international community’ and no ‘Western diplomats’ and no ‘human rights organization’ and no ‘media’ to feel sorry for them. They had volunteered to murder and they had enjoyed themselves between 1933 and 1945. But in 1945 there happy days come to an end.

Today we have reversed ourselves. We offer no help to the victims of terror or Islamic hatred throughout the world, but we continually condemn those countries who combat Islamism, even Muslim ones. This is the root of the problem in the west and it handicaps out ability to defend ourselves and save lives.

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