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Terra Incognita 97 part 2

How to Make a black under class
Seth J. Frantzman
Sept. 6, 2009

Every once in a while in life a person with given the chance to watch the creation of a problem from its inception. Every once in a while one is given the chance to witness an ideology that will lead to terrible outcomes. In Israel it seems one gets a chance to witness these things more often than one would like. The situation brooding in Tel Aviv with foreign workers and immigrants. We know where that will end up; ethnic riots, crime, prostitution, drug use, human rights whining and the creation of a vast foreign worker slum. The Bedouin villages in the Negev, we all know where that is going; the conquest of the land by lawless nomads because the state is unwilling to enforce its own laws and guard its own lands. The teaching of the “Nakhba” and the allowance of Arabs not to sing the national anthem in Arab schools in Israel; will lead to the creation of an Israel-hating minority population completely unconnected to the country and its history.

But what concerns us here is not these, probably more dire, problems. What if one could go back in time to witness the creation of the American black underclass and its inability to succeed and its increasing cultural problems that make its success less and less likely rather than more and more. What if one could go back in time to find the fountainhead, the find the well meaning leftist mentality that led to the separating of the blacks from the American way of life to the extent that all other minority groups, no matter how poor or how different, have succeeded to a greater extent economically and culturally. What if one could go back and find the problem and set right what once went wrong?
In Israel we get to witness the well meaning racist leftist views that will eventually lead to the creation of a black Ethiopian underclass and destroy a once proud people, the Ethiopians. What is interesting is that the creation of a black underclass does not happen because people are poor and savage. Most people are convinced that the creation of such an underclass is directly because of the poor and tragic circumstances from which the blacks were derived; i.e slavery in the U.S and immigration from a pre-modern rural nation in Israel. But in fact this is not the case. Left to their own devices and untouched by the leftist and the well meaning liberal these people would not necessarily succeed greatly but they would also not become trapped in a cycle of failure.

It is the creation of the cycle, the mechanism, the organism, of failure, an entire system designed to perpetuate poverty, cultural problems, whining, complaining, chip-on-the-shoulder, “I can’t succeed”, which comes about because of the intervention of the well meaning leftist. TO see how it is created, to see the fountainhead of it, we must go no further than Shlomo Goren’s article in the Jerusalem Post on September 6th, 2009.
Goren is writing about the enrollment of Ethiopian children in first grade in a prestigious semi-private school in the Israeli town of Petah Tikva. He speaks about Ethiopian children “fresh from the absorption center wish little to know basic education.” It would be interesting to know, since these are first graders, what “basic education” their non-Ethiopian peers supposedly have that makes them better? Did they learn to breast feed faster when they were babies? But Goren informs us that these savage Ethiopians can’t possibly be expected to “successfully integrate” in a “high achieving, high pressure” school environment. Mr. Goren’s evidence is that he himself once knew a black student and that student was a “troublemaker.” But Goren adds a caveat, he has known a few of those black faced individuals who have achieved, they were, amazingly given their black skin, “integrate well enough to succeed in high level academic institutions.” Their success should be something for the history book surely, after all they are not expected to do so well, and what on earth are they doing infiltrating the elite preserve of a “high level academic institution?”

Goren explains that “Ethiopian integration is a slower process than that of other immigrations.” Therefore they need “system prepared to accept anyone who is ready in an unbiased manner.” What they need is “separate tutoring.” But this separate tutoring is aimed at “helping those students rise up to the level of their peers.” But for Goren it is all with good intentions. He notes that this separate system will help “the students acclimate at their own pace.” Goren himself has volunteered in these segregated settings to teach the bushmen, to wit Ethiopians, to learn to chop wood, or whatever rudimentary lesson they are learning to prepare them for the “proper integration at their own pace. “Integration” is the center piece of the Goren narrative. In order to “integrate” them we must educate them separately and given them all sorts of separate special help. Surely, this makes them feel integrated. Goren provides yet one more nugget of insight into “integration” at the end of his diatribe; he argues that they need to “integrate at a healthy and productive pace, albeit a slower one than today's ‘instant’ culture.”

The Goren thesis is the liberal-leftist thesis. The idea is that in order to help people we must give them all sorts of special help, this supposedly helps them feel a part of society, even while they are entirely educated with people like them, and supposedly prepares them to “succeed at their own pace.” But this coddling leads to failure. Much like bi-lingual education created generations of Hispanic Americans who couldn’t speak English or Spanish, the coddling creates a generation of failure, a generation used to being educated together, never exposed to the “other” and one that then fails completely. Liberalism strangles minorities through its good intentions, through its interest in “helping” people. If you want people to fail give them affirmative action. If you want them to fail then educated them at “their own pace” and in their own language. Make exceptions for them, give them all sorts of special programs, just for them and then ask them to be like everyone else. Educating failure is what happens when, rather than expecting the best out of people in a high pressure learning environment, you set them aside and provide them a special learning environment and then after years of this slovenly behavior throw them into society and say “oh, whoops they failed and sunk to the bottom.”

Goren speaks of saddling the Ethiopians with a “system”. The last thing they need is a system and the last thing they need is the Gorens of the world “helping” them and tutoring them. Helping people is a ticket to failure. If you want to destroy a community just provide it with help and assistance, make it dependent, tell it that it learns at “its own pace”. Racists could not have dreamed up any better system to destroy minority groups, perhaps in fact that is what it is all about, racist leftists want to create a system that is self-perpetuating so that the well meaning liberal and his children will always have a job “helping” the savage minority rather than being displaced by him. In Israel the first generation of Ethiopian immigrants succeeded beyond most people’s dreams, and yet now society sees them receiving a few PhDs and says “oh my God, these people might take my job one day, give them a system to keep them down there in the gutter where they belong so I can keep teaching about ‘racism.’” After all, is not racism and the need for it in society primarily grist for the mill of the left, an entire industry that keeps wealthy leftists and their children in riding britches?

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