Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Terra Incognita part 3

The Euro-Islamist alliance
Seth J. Frantzman
September 1, 2009

With seventy years having past since the Nazi-Soviet pact the world is watching as Putin is attempting to re-write the history of that pact. Yet before our very eyes a different pact is being signed, one between the secular European and the religious Muslim. The modern day pact has much in common with the pact of old, both set out to dominate the world with their values and both seek to destroy the souls of all mankind and destroy all the diverse communities, which have souls, that inhabit the world. The difference is that whereas the Soviets and Nazis used force of arms, the modern axis of Euro-Islam penetrates us through ideas and through procreation, killing us from above through the mind (murdering the spirit, shackling the mind) and from below.

The latest example of the alliance is a Swedish newspaper which published accounts of Israelis supposedly stealing Palestinian organs. The collaborator, a European journalist and his Muslim source. But its just the tip of the iceberg. In addition there is the International Criminal Court and the entire European justice system. At the ICC men who defended their nations, such as Slobodan Milosevic, never get their day in court but rot in prison until they die. But the Libyan Lockerbie bomber and former Nazis walk free. This is part and parcel of the alliance.

Consider the conflict over the Mohammed cartoons. A Danish newspaper publishes cartoons of Mohammed. In response the Arab press in Europe and abroad publishes cartoons against Jews, denying the Holocaust, a Holocaust that the Europeans themselves perpetrated. One of those groups who published Holocaust denial cartoons was the Arab European League. The European press expands on this war against the Jews in a variety of ways. The major Swedish daily Aftonbladet publishes stories about Israel harvesting Palestinian organs to sell. Then in September the Spanish daily El Monde, to commemorate 70 years since the outbreak of WWII publishes David Irving, the Holocaust denier, as part of its “free speech” discussion of whether the Holocaust actually took place, a Holocaust the Spanish actually collaborated in by providing aid and shelter to the Nazis during and after the war. In addition the UN, a European funded organization, does not teach about the Holocaust in the schools in runs in Gaza. And in England the Holocaust is no longer taught in several schools because it might “offend” the Muslim students that England has imported over the years. And loe and behold Mr. Irving is invited to the Oxford Student Union debating society as part of its “free speech” agenda.

This is Europe. Europe commits the Holocaust, then imports Muslims to draw cartoons denying it and then in the name of the theory of “free speech” the European publishes articles denying the Holocaust and claiming Jews harvest organs for sale. Europe is a cesspool and in its spiritual sewer it allies itself with Islamism.
Other recent examples of the European alliance with Islam include a NATO admiral blaming Israel for piracy, the Norwegian government divesting from Israel’s Elbit company, and the latest book by a Norwegian author in which he volunteered at a Gaza hospital and reports that Israel murdered only civilians in its war in Gaza, the Norwegian “doctor” also claims that Sept. 11 was a good thing. This is the face of the European. It is the face of Holocaust denial posing as free speech, support for terrorism (i.e the release of the lockerbie bomber) and racism and anti-semitism in general in which Europeans ally with Muslim regimes in their war against the world.

The revelation of the broad spectrum of European hatred shows the degree to which the ‘West’ is a myth. There is nothing European worth preserving in Europe. There are no secular-humanistic “progressive” values in Europe that anyone can learn from. It is a tainted continent, poisoned. Only when its individual peoples throw off the yoke of Europeanism, secularism and Islamism can it emerge from its immoral, self-hating, Islamist-supporting, terror-nurturing, America-hating, Arrogant self obsessed value-less cesspool.

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