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Terra Incognita 89 part 3 Educating Evil

Terra Incognita
Issue 89

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June 23, 2009

3) Educating evil: The West’s role in educating the elites of barbaric regimes: It turns out the up and coming wet-behind-the-ears dictator of North Korea, the younger son of Kim Il Song, was educated at a Western University. Should it be any surprise that a Western Liberal arts education has helped shepherd along another less than liberal dictator. The Western academy certainly did wonders for Syria and Cambodia and other countries run by people educated at the best institutions in Europe and the U.S. The failure is entirely due to the University which coddles other cultures and in fact encourages these beasts to act out their evil fantasies.

Educating evil: The West’s role in educating the elites of barbaric regimes
Seth J. Frantzman
June 2nd, 2009

Among the recent tidbits of news items regarding North Korea’s warmongering was the information that the youngest son of Kim Jung Il, the current dictator, is next in line to rule the country. But that is not what was interesting. What is important is that the son was educated in Europe, in Switzerland. He is not the first dictator educated in Europe. Most dictators and their children, such as the current ruler of Syria, were educated at European universities. Europeans welcome these descendants of evil with open arms. Not only that but European universities pride themselves in educating these children.

What we learn from these examples is the degree to which the West’s priding itself on providing a ‘liberal-arts’ education where values such as human rights and democracy are inculcated is a myth. The values cultivated at the universities in the West are not the values of the West. Instead the values these children learn are praise for communism, Islamism and terrorism. These little tikes from savage barbaric countries that are in the midst of genocides learn that their culture should be praised. They learn that terrorism is romantic when they see the legions of Europeans wandering about with Khaffiyahs. They learn that fundamentalist religion in the form of Islam is exotic and romantic. No where do they learn anything about democracy or human rights. No where do they learn any values that supposedly underpin the West. Thus the greatest cultural and intellectual export of the West is dictatorship. This is inadvertent. It is not that the West encourages dictatorship, but simply that the west does not export its values at its institutions of higher learning, instead the West praises endlessly the values of the other.

In encouraging diversity the West never bothers to educate these children of hate in the values of the West. In contrast if Western students study in these countries, which they do from time to time on foreign exchange programs in places like Cairo, they are inculcated with the values of dictatorship, love for the leader and religion. And being good Western students, always wanting to learn about the other, they become lock step soldiers praising the leader, bowing down to religion and never questioning.

The West and its educational institutions are complete failures, embarrassments to the values that the West supposedly includes. There is no democracy at the University. There are no Human rights. There is no free speech. Western students believe they have free speech because of their khaffiyah wearing terror supporting and Islam study sessions but in reality they aren’t exercising free speech but merely replicating the dictatorial policies of foreign regimes. The University in the West is an extension of the dictatorships of the East.

The Universities of the West haven’t come up with one new idea in the last 50 years, they rest on their laurels with stale and un-interesting academics and scholars who live in a past when the university produced ideas and innovation. The ability of the sons of dictators to come and go at the Western University and take away nothing from the experience is merely one more illustration of the complete bankruptcy of the University system.

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