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Terra Incognita 89 Part anti-fascism

Terra Incognita
Issue 89

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A Publication of Seth J. Frantzman
Jerusalem, Israel

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June 23, 2009

1) Why is anti-fascism always so fascist: The victory of the British National Party in a few constituencies in England and its gaining of a few seats in the EU parliament brought on semi-riots by leftists. The BNP, widely regarded as anti-semitic by the same anti-semitic British left which sprays swastikas on synagogues and supports Hamas, has become fascist much the way all anti-fascism has become fascist and much the same way anti-racism is mostly racist. Perhaps this riddle could be understood if we simply recalled that before the rise of fascism and its anti-semitism it was the left, including old Karl Marx himself, in Europe that disseminated most of the rabid anti-semitic material.

Why is anti-fascism always so fascist
Seth J. Frantzman
June 8th, 2009

On June 7th when it was clear the BNP (British National Party) would win two seats in the European parliament some of its leaders were assaulted and their cars destroyed. The slogan of those who bashed the cars was “stop fascism” and when interviewed the next day the “anti-fascism” spokesmen spoke about it as a “nazi party”. He said the word “nazi” at least 10 times in a short two minute interview. But the scenes of the “anti-fascists” bashing the cars of fascists and the mean angry expressions on the faces of the anti-fascists the next day seemed to evoke just that, fascism. So why is anti-fascism and anti-racism always so fascist and racist?

It is often common that in the name of something like ‘anti-racism’ or ‘anti-nazism’ that people become hateful, violent and then imitate the very thing they supposedly oppose. Why? Is it because people are naturally violent and those who join leftist ‘anti-fascist’ protests would just as likely join the BNP? Or is it that this is the only way to oppose racism and ‘fascism’, by assaulting and beating it down? Oddly those who seem willing to use violence to oppose ‘fascism’ don’t think that we should use terrorism to oppose terrorists. But isn’t that the logical thing from their point of view. If, in order to stop fascism, we must become fascist then in order to stop terrorism shouldn’t we become terrorists?

The problem in the end is that those who are called fascists are so rarely fascist. The question is, when will the first lynching occur under the auspices of ‘anti-fascism’? Or is it already occurring? During the Second Gaza War Jewish synagogues were bombed, graves disgraced, holocaust memorials smashed and all with slogans like “Jews are Nazis” and “stop the Holocaust in Gaza” and “stop the hate.” That which the Nazis were apparently unable to accomplish, the destruction of all the Jewish graveyards will be accomplished under the guise of ‘stopping the Holocaust’ supposedly carried out by Israel. There is nothing more beautiful to think of as the masked leftist protestor hurling a firebomb at a synagogue while shouting “stop the hate.” There is nothing more sweet than in 2003 when a crowd of ‘anti-racism’ leftists assaulted Jewish students on the streets of Paris. There is nothing more wonderful than that at a recent Taikwando competition in Sweden where a 15 year old Israeli was to participate that leftists and Muslims sent death threats to the boy. Death threats. All in the name of ‘stopping the hate.’

The success of the European far-right is not troubling, on the contrary it is what happens when the left in Europe has already become fascist, when protest tourism overtakes tourism as what college students do and when bashing synagogue windows is as big a past time as going to a beer bash. The left was always fascist. In the 1930s when the victory of the right, the old fascists, finally occurred it only happened after a decade of left wing fascism. It took the deaths of tens of thousands of “fat cat capitalists” and priests in Spain before Franco vanquished the socialist-communist threat to that country. Right wing fascism was primarily a response and an outcome of left wing extremism and lawlessness which created a power vacume where the militant right could step in. The defeat of the right in Europe in 1945 obscured the fact that violence had been the realm of both political factions. But the public was deluded afterword to believe that there was only one violent side, a nazi-fascist side, that was opposed by a good leftist partisan side. People often forget that while it was the socialists in French North Africa who disseminated most anti-semitic material before 1940, that it was the fascist Italian troops who saved most of the Jews of Libya, Italy, southern France and Yugoslavia.

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