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Terra Incognita 89 part 4 Dubai and law

Terra Incognita
Issue 89

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Jerusalem, Israel

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June 23, 2009

4) A white woman in Dubai: Another European woman has run afoul of some savage law in some savage country which was once considered her private sexual dreamworld-playground. Now she is whining that her children, which are “her world”, are being taken away from her by her once exotic Arabian lover. But if she cared about those children so much then why did she raise them in a country where she was not aware of the law and why did she give them foreign names?

A white woman in Dubai
Seth Frantzman
June 2nd, 2009

UK national Marnie Pierce was living the good life. She was travelling the world, getting to know the other. She married an ‘exotic’ Egyptian man named Ihab El Labban. She had three children and like a good western white woman she made sure to name them Islamic names, Ziad and Latih, not names evoking her own background. But then one day the romantic world of the white woman came crashing down.

Police came bursting into her villa in Dubai with her estranged Husband. Finding her having lunch with a male British friend they arrested her for adultery in March of 2008. In November she was convicted of adultery and sentenced to 6 months in prison. Her British passport was confiscated. And then the whining began. Pierce first didn’t show up when she was supposed to go to jail. Like a spoiled child she went into hiding and began telling her ‘story’ to the media which was all to happy to report on this story of “British national arrested for adultery.”

Finally in February of 2009 she turned herself in. The whining never stopped. She cried and cried about “never seeing my children again.” She spoke of those typical things that people in the West speak of when things go wrong; “desperation, loss, fear and numbness.” She said before entering prison and after handing her children over to her estranged husband “my children are devastated. I just want my life back. I don’t deserve this…my children will be out of here within hours of me being taken to jail and then I will never see them again. They are my world.”

But were they her world? They didn’t live in her world of western values. They were named Ziad and Litah and they were good pious Muslims. They spoke good Arabic, not English. They learned Koran at school. Mommy decided she wanted the romantic multi-cultural life of the east and she wanted her western values to follow her their. But there must be no sympathy for the Pierce’s of the world. There are legions of them all seemingly stemming from that “Not without my daughter” film. But that case to was entirely the fault of the naïve western woman acting on her obsession with exoticism and sex over love of her own culture and moving to a foreign country and then expecting to not have to obey its laws. It is a never ending list of these cry stories by westerners in these places. Whether it was the Japanese-Iranian journalist imprisoned in Iran for “spying” whose case became another cause célèbre or another case of two tourists in Dubai facing prison for moral indecency by having sex on a beach. It is always the same: Westerner goes abroad, loves other culture, suffers hardship due to foreign culture, whines to western press. But the Pierces of the world deserve prison. They choose to adopt the life of Islam, to marry Arabs, to name their children Arab names, in many cases to convert to Islam, to reside in foreign countries and then they thought that at a moments notice those country’s laws shouldn’t apply to them. There is nothing more pleasing that hearing of the terrors these people face who have abandoned their culture and fathered untold numbers of children in foreign countries. When they lived in the West they never wanted children but suddenly transported to some exotic land they want to cover up the bodies they once used to gain money in porn on attention on the dance floor, and they suddenly want lots of children just so long as those children will not speak their language, not have names like theirs and not have anything to do with their culture.

Send them to prison. Take their children from them. If the children were really the “world” of Mrs. Pierce (nay Fatima el Labban) then she wouldn’t have raised them in a hateful country like Dubai. She gave up her country long ago. There should be no sympathy for her. She didn’t want the West or its values, she spurned it and found the ‘other’ exotic. So, Mrs Pierce you got the other. Now live with it. Go to prison. Lose your children. You never deserved them in the first place since you couldn’t even give one of them an English sounding name.

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