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Terra Incognita 92 Part 2 Justice in Europe

Terra Incognita
Issue 92

“Written to enlighten, guaranteed to offend”

A Publication of Seth J. Frantzman
Jerusalem, Israel


July 15, 2009

2) Justice in Europe: A recent headline read “Demjanjuk accused of murdering 27,000 people, faces 15 years in prison.” Demjanjuk is accused of being a Nazi camp guard and although it is obvious he could not be responsible for so many murders personally it is also obvious the degree to which the European judicial system is perverted. In Europe a person can murder dozens of people, go to prison for the ‘life sentence’ of 15 years and get out with a few more “lives” left to slaughter people. This is Europe. This is the pride of the West. This is secularism. This is justice. This is there ‘human rights’. This is progressive living. But where are the human rights for those who are being murdered?

Justice in Europe
July 14, 2009
Seth J. Frantzman

It is too bad that Hitler didn’t exist today for if he did we could watch European justice at work, we could view the actual outcome of the liberalistic-secular human hating post-human world that the European has constructed. If Hitler existed today and was arrested he would face a maximum of 15 years in prison, allowing him a few more chances to carry out his final solution.

This is exactly what has occurred with John Demjanjuk. He was born in Poland and later drafted into the Soviet Army in 1941, becoming a prisoner of War in Germany and volunteering for the German army. He found himself as a guard at the German concentration camp Sobibor. He is now accused of being involved in the murder of 27,900 people. Obviously he couldn’t personally have carried out all these murders and prosecutors could have charged him with a more realistic and smaller number. But either way it would not have mattered. In Europe justice means that one serves all their sentences simultaneously and a life sentence is only 15 years, so a person can never get more than 15 years in prison, no matter how many genocides they commit.

This is Europe. This is the high point in Western Civilization. This is all that enlightenment has been able to achieve. This is what secularism and godless humanity based on science promises us. This is how liberalism envisions justice. It is exactly why European Civilization and all that it embodies is a failure. This is why we should all be happy to ascribe to the justice systems of any other country in the world outside of what they have created in Europe. Europeans whine about ‘human rights’ violations in other countries where they hang people and cut off people’s hands. But which is a greater ‘human rights’ violation; to cut off the hands of a thief or to allow a murderer to kill tens of thousands of people every 15 years? Which one is more detrimental to the rights of humans. The European concept of “justice” ignores the fact that we, the citizenry, also deserve our rights, not just the mass murderer. To deny thieves their “human rights” by cutting off their hands is better than to condemn all of us to be murdered under a false sense of what is ‘humane.’ Murderers should be hung. Rapists should be hung. Violent criminals should be imprisoned for life. That is all there is to it. European justice caused the Holocaust and it allowed the murderers to go free and it even grants elderly Nazis furloughs lest they spend their twilight years in prison. Europe is not justice. It is death. It is an entire society based on death and the violation of the human rights of all the civilians who are not protected from dangerous criminals.

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Sharedworlds said...

When railling against secularism you should look at your own tradition. Jews do not cut off the hands of thieves but impose restitution in the form of financial compensation. Theft is usually financial therefore the penalty is financial. We do not cut off hands which is barbaric and limited to Sharia law, not Judeo-Christian. Also in Jewish law most categories of murder would be punishable by death. The sentance always matches the crime, the true meaning of an " eye for an eye" etc. This should be the just sentance. Contrasting Islamic " justice" with western injustice is wrong.