Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Terra Incognita 93 part 2 Spoiled terrorists

Terra Incognita
Issue 92

“Written to enlighten, guaranteed to offend”

A Publication of Seth J. Frantzman
Jerusalem, Israel


July 22, 2009

2) All terrorism is spoiled: Terrorists are spoiled wealthy children who usually receive government assistance and usually are educated in the West. The recent case of the Somalis in Minessota, who the U.S gave asylum to their parents and gave them jobs and money, is a case in point. Like the spoiled brat Osama Bin Laden or Said Qutb, they were all products of wealth and of government money, largesse, welfare and western enlightenment.

All terrorism is spoiled
Seth J. Frantzman
July 14, 2009

The basis of terrorism is wealth, education and spoiled living. All terrorists are wealthy or middle class. All of them received benefits from the government. Most never worked in a job during their lives. This is the profile of a terrorist. In the leftist conception of terrorism it stems from poverty, humiliation, discrimination, occupation or racism. But in fact all terrorists come from homogenous societies and all of them come from societies that have spent most of their time murdering and cleansing minorities from their midst. Every terrorist is not humiliated but in fact spends most of his life humiliating others.
Consider the 9/11 terrorists. They went to strip clubs and humiliated women. They lived off government aid and received free educations in Europe and the U.S. They were all wealthy Saudis who grew up with Philipino maids, most of which were humiliated and beaten by them. They came from the most homogenous racist society in the world: Saudi Arabia. This is the breeding ground of terrorism.

A recent article in the New York Times expressed shock that a bunch of youthful Somalis in Minnesota had taken up the Jihad and returned to Somalia. Consider these ungrateful wealthy spoiled brats. Their parents were refugees from Somalia and the United States took them in. They received largesse and welfare. Their children never worked but enjoyed the largesse of the United States. Coddled as ‘refugees’ and worshipped as ‘African-Americans’ (which they were not) they enjoyed the good life that their parents toil allowed them. They went to college and joined a Muslim prayer circle. And then suddenly they had an awakening that they had to “defend Islam” by going to Somalia and murdering people. The New York Times couldn’t understand how these people would embrace a homeland they never knew. But all terrorism embraces mythological homelands. The wealthy soviet playboys who murdered and slaughtered people fought for a “proletariat” they scoffed at. Carlos the Jackal, who was born in South America to a wealthy family, slaughtered his way through Europe and the Arab world murdering for no reason, except to kill.

The life of every terrorist is the same. Every single one is born in middle class lifestyle. Every single one receives a good education and almost all of them receive government aid at some point. Perhaps it is the boredom of their spoiled lives that gives them the time to ponder Jihad. Whatever it is it is not poverty, it is wealth and education that causes terror. If you want terror to cease then one should turn every country into Sub-Saharan Africa think Chad or the Congo. There is no terrorism there.

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