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Terra Incognita 93 part 1 Sotomayor

Terra Incognita
Issue 92

“Written to enlighten, guaranteed to offend”

A Publication of Seth J. Frantzman
Jerusalem, Israel


July 22, 2009

1) The positive side of the Sotomayor appointment: The positive side of the Sotomayor appointment is the realization that America cannot escape the racialist needs of the left to categorize everything by skin color or supposed skin color. But at least we will never ever again have to have another “historic” first with the Supreme court in terms of “Latinas”. One more historic position filled with one more minority.

2) All terrorism is spoiled: Terrorists are spoiled wealthy children who usually receive government assistance and usually are educated in the West. The recent case of the Somalis in Minessota, who the U.S gave asylum to their parents and gave them jobs and money, is a case in point. Like the spoiled brat Osama Bin Laden or Said Qutb, they were all products of wealth and of government money, largesse, welfare and western enlightenment.

3) Terror and Human Rights Organizations: The recent revelations that Human Rights watch raises money in Saudi Arabia should raise awareness of the fact that human rights organizations are funded by the same sources and people who fund terrorist organizations. But their cooperation and similarity goes beyond that. They are organized the same way, use the media the same way and undermine democracy the same way.

4) An extraordinary religion: Our Shariah loving friends: A few cases of Islamist evil, murdering of rape victims, acid burning of women and the other typical run of the mill stories remind us once again of Islamism’s evil but it also reminds us of the way in which westerners collaborate with it.

The positive side of the Sotomayor appointment
Seth J. Frantzman
July 14, 2009

Sonya Sotomayor will be the next U.S Supreme Court Justice. The woman who claimed a “wise Latina” will judge better than a “white man” will pass confirmation in coming days. But for those that worry that her racism and her arrogant belief that she is “wise” is a negative, there is in fact a silver lining. With newspapers speaking of yet another “historic” precedent, the first ‘Latina’ on the supreme court, we can actually breathe a sigh of relief. We will never again have to hear about another “first” for a Latina on the court. No more “Historic” appointments there. Just as Barak Obama’s victory has saved us ever again having to hear about another “historic” black U.S president we have no killed another bird with another stone; we have checked another box of minority success.
We should all celebrate the success of special minority groups because each time another black is appointed to another ‘historic’ position that means we never have to hear that headline again and never have to run to the toilet and throw up because we have watched yet another person be judged based on the color of their skin rather than the content of their character. It was a godsend to have Mr. Obama elected because now we will never have to see the guilt stricken white people saying “I can’t vote against the first black nominee for President”.

There is another silver lining to the Sotomayor idiocy. The fact that yet another racist succeeded in American politics based on her ‘race’ proves yet again the importance of inter-racial marriage. Sotomayor is another reminded of why white people in America need to reach out to their Latina and black sisters and brothers and make love to them and produce children with them. White women long ago came to understand that procreating with minorities would ensure their children success and white men can begin to learn from these events as well. Consider Barak Obama’s mother. Had she had Barak with a white man he would never have become president. Inter-racial marriage and inter-racial children are a godsend to white people for it allows them a relatively harmless way for them to change their skin color, at east that of their children, and ensure the success of their race, albeit in slightly altered form.

In order to destroy the system of affirmative action and the banal evil of race-based appointments and “historic” elections the white man (and women) can overload the system by all having children with blacks or ‘latinas’ or other non-whites. What is a “latina” anyway but a person born, or whose origins are in, some Latin country, most of which are either entirely white or mostly white owing to the fact that the “latina race” is merely a product of Spanish conquistadors raping and having sex with lots of native-Americans.

White people can’t succeed in America because they are not cool or exotic. Their history is viewed as racist and ignorant. Their “cultural experience” is not as important as that of a “wise latina” no matter what they did in life and no matter how little the “wise latina” accomplished. But they can ensure the success of their children by having children with a minority. Then that minority can pretend to belong to the culture of some far off place, just as Barak Obama, who never met his father, pretends to be a “son of Africa”. So get on the Barak Obama band wagon. Marry blacks and latins. Save the white race by ensuring its success through intermarriage. Destroy the evils of affirmative action that judges us all on our skin color by becoming black. We can all do it. And whites don’t have to find latins and blacks from the U.S, any of them will do and there are lots of them in Africa and South America. White people don’t have to abandon their names in order to accomplish this goal. Most black people have normal sounding Christian last names (like Washington, Mandela or Jackson) and all Latin names can be Americanized as well (Carlos becomes Charles for instance). So get on the minority success bandwagon. Affirmative action can only be defeated if we all become eligible for it. Those with children who check the “white” box will need 1350s on their SATs to be considered for Ivy league education, but if your children check the “black” box they only need 1000s to get in. So if you are white in America there is no logical or pragmatic reason to have children with one of your own. And if you insist on marrying a white you can at least adopt an African child, like Madonna has done, ensuring that child’s success. But don’t make the mistake of adopting an Asian or marrying one, they need 1400s on their SATs because they tend to score too well and because they are not, yet, eligible for “historic” success. They are not a favoured minority, so even though there are billions of them it is best to avoid them. Let them become the new whites.

Consider the story of Frank Ricci, a fire fighter with 14 years on the job who took a test for promotion in New Haven and having passed it with the highest grades was denied promotion because not enough black fire-fighters passed the test. He was judged based on the color of his skin and not the content of his character. He was born to a poverty stricken household and spent thousands of dollars to hire tutors because of his dyslexia. But no matter. He had the wrong skin color. When Sotomayor, the ‘latina’ was confronted with this case on the court of appeals she threw it out, noting that local \governments have the right to do whatever they want to enforce diversity, creating not a meritocracy but a raceocracy.

Sotomayor’s success is a godsend to us all. It should be a wake up call to every white person in the U.S. Your time is done. A person can brag of being better than you by the very nature of their race and this person is then feted by the Senate for their fake ‘life experience’ which consists simply of being born to the right color mother and father. Whites shouldn’t become angry, racist and ignorant and buy guns. They should think sexually strategically and bond with those who can most ensure their future generations’ success. Millions of intelligent whites have already shown the way, producing successful offspring that can pretend they are from some struggling minority group even though they grew up in private schools and wealthy neighbourhoods. Just as most Americans can be served better health care by pretending to be illegal aliens, most whites can ensure more success by crossing the racial barrier and pretending to be something else, or at least giving their children the chance to do so.

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